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10 Festive New Year’s Cake Ideas

New Year's Cake Ideas

Whew, we are SO close to ringing out 2020. 🥴 It most definitely is the year to remember and in the books! Are you ready to ring in 2021 like I am? Hopefully, the coming year will be a better year than in 2020! I’m doing a quick round-up on some New Year’s eve cake ideas and New Year’s cake decorating ideas for your gathering at home or next year!

Champagne Sprinkle Cake

Champagne Sprinkle Cake
Close up of champagne cake
champagne cake

I made this New Year’s Eve cake last year for my little new year’s eve party. I cut out parchment paper champagne glasses and applied them to the buttercream that was somewhat cold but still tacky. Also, I rolled the cake with a Fancy Sprinkles New Years’ gold sprinkles. I peeled off the parchment paper and painted it with a mixture of luster dust and vodka to create edible gold and silver paint. Then I did a black candy melts ganache drip (I used a 3:1 ratio for the candy melts and heavy cream. I.E., 3 oz of candy melts and 1 oz of heavy cream). To top the cake off, I piped with my favorite piping tip, Wilton 1M, with some gray buttercream and sprinkled the top with the sprinkles and lots of edible glitter. I purchased the New Years’ decor at Target and affixed the design with a wooden stick to make a cake topper. It was a delicious cake, vanilla cake layers filled with raspberry and vanilla buttercream.

More New Year’s Eve Cake Ideas

Fancy Toilet Paper Cake

Cake By @butterbabybakery

First of all, I am starting this New Year’s Eve cake ideas blog post with this perfect New Year’s Eve cake to ring out 2020! What’s the better way to roll out of 2020? 😆 Besides the topper, I love this new year’s eve cake design.

New Years Letterboard Sheet Cake

Cake by @vanillabean_counter

Here’s another fun idea for an NYE cake! She created this cake for 2020, but I absolutely think this saying is perfect for this year. This cake is completely customizable, from the sayings, piping tips, to the colors!

New Years Birthday Cake

New Years Birthday Cake
Cake by @cakesbylalae/

Some people are so lucky or unlucky to have a New Years’ as their birthday (like myself) because people are pretty much too hungover the night before or out of town to celebrate your birthday with you. 😆 This gorgeous black and gold cake is perfect for celebrating your New Years’ birthday, regardless! 🥳 Also, perfect for a wedding cake.

New Year Sprinkle Cake

New Year Sprinkle Cake
Cake by @cakebycourtney

I love the sparkles and upside-down triangle sprinkles. It’s perfect for New Year’s Eve! Check out how to make this new year’s cake on Cake by Courtney.

Glam Black and Gold NYE Cake

Cake by @adibearsweets/

Sometimes, all you need is an exquisite gold cake with black glitter accessories like these 2020 and party hats!

Textured Gold & Black Cake

Cake by @brianbakescakes

I’m loving black and gold as one of the new year’s cake decorating ideas! Look no further than this stunning cake! Lots of textures and glam.

Mini NYE Ball Drop Cake

Cake by @makemoorecake/

I absolutely adore this mini ball drop cake! It’s so customizable because you can change the buttercream colors and pick different dragee colors.

I’m Dressed For The NYE Party Cake

Cake by @thesugarscene

One of the perfect examples of your new year’s eve cake ideas. I feel like I’m already dressed up by just looking at this gorgeous cake.

Happy New Year Cake

Cake by @pastelesquitoec

Wrapping up this new year’s cake ideas blog post with a lovely cake that most likely will resonate with everyone! Hello, 2021! I love the sprinkle placement because it reminds me of fireworks. The saying on the cake is also customizable!

Thanks to bakers who shared their fabulous and festive new year’s eve & new year’s cakes!

Let’s toast to a better year in 2021. 🥂 Good luck! Which cake would you try for your new year celebrations?

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