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10 Fun & Fabulous Birthday Cake Ideas

Birthday Cakes Inspiration

Hi all! Planning a birthday party soon? I’ve been seeing so many new birthday cake ideas, so I figured I’d round up some beautiful latest birthday cake ideas for you. Please make sure to click on the links to check out the amazing bakers on Instagram who kindly gave me permission to use their cakes for inspiration!

Perfect Birthday Cake

Perfect Birthday Cake by @totallycupcakes | www.findyourcakeinspiration.com

@totallycupcakes absolutely nailed the perfect birthday idea by using colored ganache drips, sprinkles, and edible gold leaf!

Fun Ice Cream Birthday Cake

Fun Ice Cream Birthday Cake by @sugarsprinklesbespokecakes | www.findyourcakeinspiration.com

@sugarsprinklesbespokecakes created this FUN cake using vibrant colors and glittery cherries! It’s perfect for someone who loves ice cream.

Butterfly Square Cake

Butterfly Square Birthday Cake by @christinascupcakes | www.findyourcakeinspiration.com

What a gorgeous butterfly-themed square cake with black stripes by @christinascupcakes! I’ve been loving square cakes lately and she has more square cake inspiration on her Instagram.

Flower Square Cake

Flower Square Birthday Cake by @xokatierosario | www.findyourcakeinspiration.com

This is a lovely square cake by @xokatierosario with beautiful lace/stencil work! Head over to her blog for fun and easy cake tutorials.

Rose Gold Drip Birthday Cake

Rose Gold Drip Birthday Cake by @santiniminisweets | www.findyourcakeinspiration.com

I’m loving the rose gold drip on this stunning cake by @santiniminisweets! For more drip cake inspiration, click here.

Cotton Candy Carnival Cake

Cotton Candy Carnival Birthday Cake by @cakedbydani | www.findyourcakeinspiration.com

This is such an adorable first birthday cake by @cakedbydani and it’s adorned with ALL of the carnival-themed things!

Pretty Bubbles Cake

Pretty Bubble Cake by @poirierspastries | www.findyourcakeinspiration.com

Loving the bubbles and the placement on this tall beauty by @poirierspastries!

Peachy Keen Cake

Peachy Keen Cake by @bake_a_saurus | www.findyourcakeinspiration.com

I am loving this gorgeous peach cake by @bake_a_saurus. The diagonal stripes filled with pretty textures and sprinkles are a work of ingenuity!

80s Inspired Cake

80s Inspired Cake by @okcsweets | www.findyourcakeinspiration.com

This cake by @okcsweets is absolutely perfect for an 80s birthday party! The doodles are so fun to look at.

S’Mores Birthday Cake

S' Mores Birthday Cake by @ellesweetshoppe | www.findyourcakeinspiration.com

This is a great way to dress up a typical s’mores cake with sprinkles! I love the contrast on this cake by @ellesweetshoppe. Sprinkles always is a safe bet to make a cake look more amazing!

Many thanks to the amazing bakers listed here for sharing their work. Check out more birthday cake inspiration below!

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