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10 Lovely Mother’s Day Cake Ideas and More

10 Pretty Mom Cake Ideas

Mother’s Day Cake Inspiration

Hi everyone! I am sharing some beautiful mother’s day cake ideas and more for Mother’s Day next year by the talented bakers on Instagram! Scroll down for some Mom’s cake gift ideas.

Mini Mom Cake

Mini Mom Cake

I created this mini cake for my Mother’s Day dessert offerings this year. I only did two cake layers filled with vanilla buttercream and purchased a cake charm. I finished it off with a border with a 1M piping tip and sprinkles. For a quick video, see below!

Mum Cake

Mum Cake
Cake by @phenecakes

Lovely cake with a curtain drip and pretty sprinkles for a Mother’s Day brunch!

Butterfly Mom Cake

Butterfly Cake
Cake by @adibearsweets

I am loving alll of gorgeous textures and roses on this cake!

Vintage Mama Cakes

Cake by @just_add_sugar

Doing a vintage cake design for Mother’s Day cakes is always a great idea!

Dried Floral Mom Cake

Cake by @sugaredbyshahana

Adding some dried florals to the cake is a great way to spruce it up. I am loving the cakes with gold hoops and florals lately!

Wordle Cake

Cake by @sugar.chic.desserts

This is such a fun cake for Wordle mom fans!

Floral Gold Cake

Cake by @earthandsugar/

You can’t go wrong with a traditional floral cake with real flowers as the cake topper.

Mother’s Day Lunchbox Cakes

Our Mom Our Queen Lunchbox Cake

Cake by @thesugarsifter

I am a big fan of lunchbox cakes because they can easily be customized. They also may be the easiest cakes to do!

I love you Mom Cake

Cake by @thesugarsifter

Here’s another adorable cake by the same baker.

Sweet Messages Cakes

Cake by @/miraaya_bakes

You also can do sweet messages on the cake to gift a loved one!

Lovely Mom Buttercream Cake

Cake by @fiorellabakeshop/

This cake with buttercream petals and textures will make a perfect Mother’s day cake. For more buttercream painting inspiration, click here.

Mama Birthday Cake

Cake by @katjas_tortenfabrik

Beautiful cake with a buttercream overlay and more textures on top of the cake.

Mother’s Day Desserts

Mother’s Day Cupcakes

Cupcakes by @kimssweetstudio

A gorgeous cupcake set with pink buttercream flowers.

Mama Cakesicles

Cakesicles by @claudiascakerie/

A sweet (literally) box for mamas. It’s a great alternative to a cake.

MOM Cakesicles

Cakesicles by @brookessweetsandtreats

Here’s another lovely cakesicle idea for a mom’s special’s day!

Mom Treatbox

Desserts by @chocolateyummies/

What a perfect gift for Moms!

Cookie Cake by @beyond.measure.baking.co

Gift a cookie cake with a charm to wish a loved one a Happy Mother’s Day! The entire family can also enjoy it.

I hope you enjoyed seeing these beautiful cakes and more for Mother’s day inspiration. Special thank you to bakers who shared their wonderful creations!

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