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10 Mesmerizing Geode Cakes

Geode Cakes

Mesmerizing Geode Cake Inspiration

The geode cake is really a fun trend! It’s pretty amazing to see how candy rocks can create a “real effect” of geodes on the cakes. I’ve collected some cakes for your geode inspiration. Read on and be inspired! 😉

Dreamy Floral Geode Cake

Dreamy Floral Geode Cake

Simply gorgeous!! Real flowers always add WOW effect to the cakes.

Cake By Fadwa Darwich | Cake Design

Marbled Geode Cake

Marbled Geode Cake

In this picture, you can see all of the fine details of geode goodness! I love the geode border on the bottom of the cake. The marble effect adds a finishing touch to the cake.

Cake By Meringues & More

Bridal Shower Geode Cake

Bridal Shower Geode Cake

Here’s one of the unique ideas for a bridal shower cake. The pink & blush geode just pops out against the all-white cake accented with gold.

Cake By Frosted Indulgence

Green Geode Cake

Green Geode Cake

Does this geode cake of reminds you of Kryptonite? 😀 Using green for the geodes can be very pretty.

Cake By Sweet It Is!

Gender Reveal Geode Cake

Gender Reveal Geode Cake

Can I say how much I love seeing the gold details around the geodes?! It just complements the geodes beautifully. I adore this gender reveal cake!

Cake By Caked Up Cake

Happy Birthday Geode Cake

Birthday Geode Cake

The geodes here are styled a little bit different but still stunning.

Cake By Lily Lola Cakes

Pink Geode Cake

Pink Geode Cake

A really pretty mix of pinks and golds on this cake. Isomalts were used for the geodes which looks amazing.

Cake By Here For The Cake

Watercolor Geode Cake

Pretty Purple Geode Cake

Watercolor is definitely one of the popular effects for a cake. It pairs up with the geodes nicely. Simply gorgeous!

Cake By Sakura Baking Co.

Black & Gold Geode Cake

Black and Gold Geode Cake

I am digging the black! Deep colors of blue and teal for the geodes. As always, gold wins the category for the best effect on the geode cakes.

Cake By Cakes By Julie

Pretty Purple Geode Cake

Purple Geode Birthday Cake

Adding a small area of geodes is such a fun touch to the geode cake. I’m loving the different hues of delightful purples.

Cake By Butter Me Up Cakes

Helpful Tutorials

How To Make A Geode Cake (Chelsweet)

Geode Cake Tutorial (Craftsy)

How to Make a Geode Cake with Rock Candy (YouTube)

That’s a wrap on geode cakes! Many thanks to the cake decorators sharing their fantastic geode cakes. Let me know your favorites! Pin this to your boards for your geode cake inspiration by using the Pinterest social button at the bottom!


  1. I am looking for recipes for my daughter’s birthday cake, since she’s allergic to nuts. Ok. Got that, and she’s going to help bake it. I get to decorate however I want! Immediately I thought of a Geode cake! Thanks for sharing your beautiful work!!

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