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12 Unique Father’s Day Cake Ideas That He Will Love

12 Father's Day Cake Ideas & More

Father’s Day Cake Inspiration

Hi friends! Father’s Day just passed, but I’m here to share some fantastic Father’s Day cake ideas. A heartfelt card or a thoughtful gift will do the trick, but why not go the extra mile and surprise him with a cake or dessert that he will love? Read on to get some Father’s Day inspiration for his special cake. I’ve got you covered from a whiskey cake to a golf cake. Get ready to make his Father’s Day one to remember!

Whiskey & Cigar Cake

This is perfect for someone who loves whiskey and cigars! I did this whiskey & cigar cake for my husband’s birthday. The only thing I have adjusted is that I buy wrapped plastic cigars because, without a protective cover, the cigars will get grease and will not work when lighted.

Dad Mustache Cake

Last year, I created this Father’s Day cake for my husband and dad. What’s a better way other than adding a mustache and “Dad” to the cake?

Number 1 Dad Cake

This was for a Father’s Day cake order a few years ago, and it was chocolate with Italian meringue buttercream. We settled on an ombre buttercream using blue gel coloring, a top border, silver leaf, and a fondant topper with “No. 1 Dad” on it.

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Elegant Golf Cake

This is an elegant Father’s Day cake for a Dad who loves Golf!

Papa Cake

Here’s one of the meaningful Father’s Day cake ideas for a loved one also considered a Dad! Click here to see how this cake was made.

Happy Father’s Day Cake

I love this cake style for a Dad cake using gold splatter, an offset spatula, and a fondant plaque. Click here for an interview with Sherrie!

Super Hero Dad Cake

This is one of the most fun father’s day cake ideas for a Dad who loves superheroes or is a superhero in your life!

Powerful Father’s Day Cake

Excuse me while I go and cry. Simple but powerful! If you are an artist by heart, this should be up your alley when creating art!

Father’s Day Cake Set

This cake set has many creative aspects (Fondant tie, crown, mustache, and chocolates). So fun!

Bento Father’s Day Cakes

Bento Father's Day Cakes
Cake by thecakereign

Bento cakes are also a great way to gift a few loved ones for Father’s Day (Husband, Dad, Father in Law, and more)

Father’s Day Cupcakes

Father's Day Mustache Cupcakes
Cupcakes by whiskandwonderful

This Father’s Day cupcake set with a mustache & Father’s Day stencil is fantastic! You can customize this set to other colors as well! Click here for the reel.

Father’s Day Chocolate Bar

This is perfect for a Dad who is a chocolate lover! I got this mold from BakeDeco.

I hope you enjoyed this Father’s Day cake ideas! Special thanks to the bakers who shared their creative desserts for this special occasion!

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