15 Amazing Cakes For St. Patrick’s Day

15 St. Patrick's Day Cake Ideas

Hi friends! St. Patrick’s is over, but I wanted to share some fun ideas from the Instagram community for St. Patrick’s next year and beyond! Read on for all kinds of greens, rainbows, and more amazing cakes for St. Patrick’s Day!

St. Patrick’s Cake Inspiration

Rainbow Pot of Gold Cake

Rainbow Pot of Gold Cake

I created this rainbow pot of gold cake topped with glitter cherries for this year. Click here for the tutorial.

Vintage St. Patrick’s Cake

Vintage St. Patrick's Cake
Cake by @cakesbybrianne

This is a lovely vintage cake for St. Patrick’s cake! Check out how she made this cake.

Rainbow St. Patrick’s Cake

Rainbow St. Patrick's Cake
Cake by @bowmankitchen

Check out this fantastic St. Patrick’s Rainbow creation! Click here to see how she made this cake.

Get Lucky Rainbow Cake

Get Lucky Rainbow Cake
Cake by @kathychoffe

What a fun idea for a rainbow sheet cake! Click on her reel to see how she created the cake.

Lucky Charms Rainbow Cake

Lucky Charms Rainbow Cake
Cake by @thegirlwholetthemeatcake

I am crushing on this fun Lucky Charms Rainbow cake. She used a large open star tip to pipe the rainbow on the cake, as seen here.

Lucky In Love Cake

Lucky In Love Cake
Cake by @bentobakehouse

Here’s one of the fun cake ideas for making a small vintage cake for a party!

St. Patrick’s Lucky Cake

St. Patrick's Lucky Cake
Cake by @sweetsbycheeks

Here’s a classic clover cake design using chocolate or fondant clovers for the cake.

St. Paddy’s Hat Cake

St. Patrick's Hat Cake
Cake by @sweetsby_e

Use this darling green hat cake to liven up a party! This cake design is always a hit at parties.

St. Paddy’s Sheet Cake

St. Patrick's Sheet Cake
Cake by @phenecakes

I’m loving the black background with green shamrocks. It gives some excellent contrast between the green buttercream and the golds!

Rainbow Pot of Gold Cake

Rainbow Pot of Gold Cake
Cake by @erin.cakesandcupcakes
Top View St. Patrick's Cake
Cake by @erin.cakesandcupcakes

This is a neat way to design for the holiday with a buttercream rainbow. Check out her YouTube for the full tutorial!

Oreo Green Striped Cake

St. Patrick's Striped Cake
Cake by @becoratecakes

Perfect for an Oreo lover with this pretty Oreo striped cake and rainbow cupcake on the top.

Cute Beer & Clover Cake

Cute St. Patrick's Cake
Cake by @simply.jeanius

This is too adorable and perfect.

Kiss Me Irish Cake

Kiss Me Irish Cake
Cake by @brookessweetsandtreats

This is such a cheeky cake with a lip stencil. Gift this cake to your loved one and get a kiss back!

St. Patrick’s Cupcakes

St. Patrick's Cupcakes
Cupcakes by @alexlarosa

These are beautiful cupcakes for St. Patrick’s! Check out one of her reels on how to create rainbow clover cupcakes.

St. Patrick’s Cakesicles

St. Patrick's Cakesicles
Cakesicles by @beyond.measure.baking.co
St. Patrick's Cakesicles
Cakesicles by @beyond.measure.baking.co

I love these fancy St. Patrick’s cakesicles with gold bows and straws. Talk about attention to detail!

I hope you enjoyed this year’s St. Patrick’s cake ideas round-up! Special thanks to the wonderful bakers who permitted me to use their cakes to inspire everyone else. Please check out their accounts and follow them!

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