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15 Amazing Halloween Cakes That You Will Love

15 Amazing Halloween Cakes

Amazing Halloween Cakes

It’s the SPOOKY season! At this time of the year, I see so many cute & amazing Halloween cakes on social media. I hope you love the following Halloween cakes for your upcoming Halloween party! Halloween is one of my favorite party themes to make cakes for.

My Halloween Cakes

Halloween Striped Sprinkle Cake

Here’s my first cake. I created this cake for a sprinkle striped cake collaboration. It was my first time baking these French Macarons. Click here on How to Make Halloween Macarons. For this black frosting, I used chocolate American buttercream with Americolor Super Black gel color. The sprinkles are “Bewitched” Halloween Jimmies by Fancy Sprinkles. (UPDATE: This blend is no longer in stock but check out their new Halloween sprinkle line! You can use my code: CAKEINSPO15 for a 15% discount)

Vampire Halloween Cake

I did this for another Halloween cake collaboration on Instagram. I purchased the vampire’s mouth mold from Etsy and painted it with Sweet Sticks Edible Art Paint. I originally envisioned a black isomalt sail, but I failed miserably! I came up with the idea of doing a “black cape” isomalt, and it turned out so well! I think it is the closest to the real thing! The isomalt was purchased from Amazon. I used Italian Meringue buttercream and white chocolate ganache drip colored with red Americolor gel coloring for this cake. The sprinkles are “Fangbanger” Halloween Jimmies by Fancy Sprinkles.

Exorcist Cake

I made this cake for a horror cake challenge, and I must say that it was a blast making this cake! I selected The Exorcist for my cake. When I think of the cake, I think of that gross vomit by Linda Blair, so I wanted to incorporate that in my cake! I looked for a picture of Linda Blair online and finally found one to purchase on Etsy. I went to Krogers and had the image printed. Their printer did not print fully black, so I had to color in the black areas with an edible black pen. I used Wilton black candy melt to create sprinkle barks with Halloween sprinkles. I used white chocolate ganache colored with 1-2 drops of Chefmaster neon green and yellow for the pea-green drip.

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More Amazing Halloween Cakes

Scroll on for more amazing Halloween cakes!

Halloween Spider Web Cake

Cake by @cakesbymaddie

Absolutely gorgeous spider web cake. I love the colors and the dragees to create the web! Using sprinkle dragees is a great way to construct spider webs!

Sugar Skulls Cake

Cake by @cakes.in.bloom

Officially OBSESSED with this sugar skull cake! She used a mold to create these spooky skulls. Perfect spooky Halloween cake! Halloween candy can be used for the same concept. 😃

Boo Cake

Cake by @brittanie.bakes

I love that Brittanie used a herringbone stencil! What a great Halloween cake. Learn more about Brittanie here.

Halloween Pumpkins Cupcakes

Cupcakes by @septemberscakes

These Halloween cupcakes using orange frosting are ADORABLE. She used a 1M piping tip to pipe these easy pumpkin cupcakes. Perfect for school Halloween parties. Learn more about September here.

Cauldron Cake

Cake by @sheri_wilson

Simply gorgeous! I LOVE the gumballs to create a bubbly effect for the top of the cake.

Spiders & Webs Cakesicles

Cakesicles by @joscakes

If you wanted some GLAM Halloween creation, these amazing cakesicles are the ones! The gold spiders are my fave. They will make a great Halloween treat. Learn more about Johany here.

Ghost Faultline Cake

Cake by @cupacakebysubrina

What a fun cake with the ghosts peeking out of the center. It will make a great addition to a Halloween dessert table. Meringue ghosts can be used as well!

Halloween Cake Slices

Cake Slices by @sugarmamacupcakes

This is an easy Halloween cake. I love the color scheme that is used on the cake slices. The cake slices are a really great alternative to cakes, cupcakes, or another dessert and your party guests will love them.

Striped Halloween Cake

Cake by @amandascookiesandcakes/

A festive & fun slime cake with bright lime green thick drips!

Meow Halloween Cake

Cake by @amandascookiesandcakes

How cute is this Halloween black cat cake? I love that she used black sanding sugar to create the cat.

Hocus Pocus Cake

Cake by cocoaandsilk

I love the cute little hat on the octopus! So divine. The colors and gold are meshing so well.

Abstract Glam Halloween Cake

Cake by @bellysbakeshop

What a creative cake on a beautiful black cake stand! The sail is literally PERFECTION.

I hope you all enjoyed this year’s Halloween inspiration. Which one of these amazing Halloween cakes was your favorite? I hope they give you great ideas for the spookiest day of the year!

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