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15 Fun Cake Ideas by DC Cakes

DC Cakes Submission Collage

DC Cakes Submission

Lynette Perez (DC Cakes) from Puerto Rico has submitted some of her beautiful cakes.

Wedding Cakes

Purple Roses Wedding Cake

Purple Roses Wedding Cake

Beautiful cascading roses on the cake! They match the background perfectly.

Rustic Wedding Cake

Rustic Wedding Cake

Rustic wedding cakes are popular with brides. Love the cake stand!

Couture Cracked Wedding Cake

Cracked Wedding cake

I’m liking the cracked effect on the cake. Unique finish to the cake.

Wedding Cake with Simple Buttercream Finish

Simple Buttercream Wedding Cake

Sometimes, simple is the best. Roses can add a beautiful effect to the cake.

Birthday Cakes

Peach & Gold 50th Birthday Cake

Peach and Gold Wedding Cake

This is quite beautiful work! I love all of the sequins and sugar flowers. Great choice on the cake stand.

Black Unicorn Birthday Cake

Black Unicorn Cake

This is a different twist to a unicorn cake by using black as the main color. So different. Check out my previous post on unicorn cake inspiration for more ideas.

Construction Birthday Cake

Construction Birthday Cake

This is such an adorable cake! Any little boy would love this as their birthday cake!

Movie Star Birthday Cake

Film Cake

Great theme. I love the fondant decorations of film reels and the red carpet!

Hello Kitty Birthday Cake

Hello Kitty Cake

So so cute. A young girl will fall in love with this cake!

Ice Cream & Candy Birthday Cake

Ice Cream & Candy Cake

This theme is absolutely one of my favorites! So colorful and fun.

Nautical Birthday Cake

Nautical Birthday Cake

Wow, this is such a great birthday cake! The anchors, life rafts, ropes and wheel fondant decorations are amazing.

Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake

Pink Minnie Mouse Cake

I love looking at Minnie Mouse cakes because they are so cute! This one is no exception.

Purple Princess Birthday Cake

Purple Princess Cake

<3 This is a lovely cake for a princess!

Pink Flamingo Birthday Cake

Tropical Cake

Wow, 95th birthday cake?? What a perfect cake for her birthday!

Baby Shower Cakes

Pink Elephant Baby Shower Cake

Pink Elephant Baby Shower

What a gorgeous baby shower cake. All of the details fit perfectly!

Thank you to DC Cakes for sending us the pictures! Check her Facebook to follow her for more cake inspiration.

Which cake was your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

I would LOVE to feature YOU and your work! Please go to the cake submission page to submit your cakes and I will feature your cakes. Don’t be shy!

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