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15 Lovely Valentine’s Day Cakes

15 lovely valentines day cake ideas

Hi everyone! This will be my first time doing a round-up on valentine’s day cakes this year. I had so much fun looking at gorgeous cake ideas on Instagram and Pinterest! I think this day of love has the prettiest color schemes and designs (maybe because I love anything pink!) I hope you enjoy it!

Valentine’s Day Cakes Inspiration

Hugs & Kisses Cake

Hugs & Kisses Cake
Top View of XOXO cake

I love how my cake turned out! I used my Cricut Maker to create a stencil using a plastic poster board (Can be found at Michaels or any craft store). Mylar sheets will also work. I purchased the SVG file from Etsy. I used “Heartbreaker” sprinkles, a blend of red sprinkles and gold, from Fancy Sprinkles (CAKEINSPO15 for a 15% discount at checkout). The stenciling technique is best with American Buttercream because of its crusting properties. I will have a full write-up on this cake soon! Click here on how to make Glittery Chocolate Lips for a sweet treat! Too many details to share.

Valentine’s Drip Cake

Valentine's Drip Cake
Cake By @lebeliebebacke

I adore this gorgeous Valentine’s cake drip cake with sprinkles and sweets.

Cupid’s Arrow Cake

Cupid's Arrow Cake
Cake by Sugar Hero

I don’t know about you, but this cake screams, I LOVE YOU! The huge fondant heart and little heart arrows are so cute! Check out how to make this cake by going to her blog post.

Ultimate Overload Valentine’s Cake

Ultimate Overload Valentine's Cake
Cake By @crumbs.by.kaylakors

This beautiful overload cake with donuts and chocolates is just perfect. The little details make this cake stand out!

Conversation Hearts Cake

Conversation Hearts Cake
Cake by @erin.cakesandcupcakes

This cake is absolutely an adorable cake using conversation heart candies as inspiration. Erin made these fondant hearts with an embossing stamp set.

XOXO Ombre Cake

XOXO Ombre Cake
Cake by @cakemecarrie

I admire this beautiful ombre cake with piped XOXO, a rope border, and sprinkles!

Black & Red Love Cake

Black & Red Love Cake
Cake By @purple_sugar_cakedesign

What a stunning black and red valentine’s day color combo. Perfect drips!

Pink Striped Valentine’s Cake

Pink Striped Valentine's Cake
Cake By @cakedarlinghtx

How pretty! Tessa used a stencil for the V-day saying on the top of the stripes.

Ultimate Valentine’s Day Cake

Ultimate Valentine's Day Cake
Cake By @cakesbymelle

This cake is just a fun combination of different techniques, colors, and white chocolate.

Pink Hearts Valentine’s Cake

Pink Hearts Valentine's Cake
Cake By @brittanymaycakes on Best Friends For Frosting

I love these pretty piped hearts and sprinkle drips. Brittany May Cakes decorated this cake for Best Friends For Frosting’s Strawberry Champagne post!

Valentine’s Cookies & Cake

Valentine's Cookies & Cake
Cake by @aliscakehouse

The cookies are amazing!! They can be a great addition to the cake. Perfect after a romantic valentine’s day dinner.

Floral Heart Shaped Cake

Cake By @honey.bakes.cakery

A cake in the shape of a heart with buttercream flowers can be a unique Valentine’s Day cake for a loved one! So pretty.

Strawberries & Oreos Cake

Cake by @cakebycassie

I would buy Valentine’s cake just like this with Oreos. Yummy! My sweet tooth is already in the overdrive!

Kiss Me Black Cake

Cake by @cupcakesandconfetti1

So cute! You can use the sprinkles with the stenciling technique. Check out more of Erin’s interview and work here.

Heart Doodles Cake

Cake by @a_treat_by_me_

I love the doodles idea in a cake form! We’ve all doodled at a point in our lives.

I think these decadent cakes are better than boxes of chocolates! I hope you enjoyed looking through valentine’s day cake ideas of different skill levels! Special thanks to bakers/bloggers for sharing their cakes for February 14th!

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