15 Wonderful Ramadan Mubarak Cake Ideas and More

15 Wonderful Ramadan Mubarak Cake Ideas and More

Hi friends! Ramadan 2023, the holiest month Muslims celebrate, ends next week. Millions celebrate by gathering regularly in the evenings, reading Qur’an, an Islamic sacred book, during the month, and fasting from sunrise to sunset. (excluding pregnant/nursing women, children, the elderly, and those with health issues) Fasting by not eating and drinking, including water, while the sun is up is the way to observe Ramadan. On the new moon sighting(marking the start of Ramadan), Muslims greet each other with “Ramadan Mubarak!” (“Blessed Ramadan”). The way to end Ramadan is a celebration called Eid al-Fitr, the “Feast of Fast-Breaking,” one of the two major religious holidays of the Muslim calendar. To learn more about Ramadan, here is an article that my friend Hajra wrote about Ramadan. I particularly enjoy seeing dessert creations for the holiest month because they are so beautiful. Read on to be inspired by wonderful bakers, their Ramadan Mubarak cake ideas, and more. For more inspiration, click here.

Ramadan Inspired Cake

Mosques inspired this gorgeous cake. 🕌 I definitely can picture it!

Ramadan Bento Cake

A lovely shades of blue bento cake wrapped up in a ribbon box.

Bento Cake & Cupcakes Set

Here is a stunning bento cake and cupcake set with light green, tan, and chocolate crescent moon & star.

Ramadan Kareem Lunchbox Cake

The lunchbox cakes and treat boxes are popular for Ramadan, as seen here with the lovely navy lunchbox cake!

Ramadan Cake Cups

Here is one of the fantastic Ramadan Mubarak cake ideas for dessert!

Ramadan Custom Cake & Cupcake Set

Ramadan Custom Cake & Cupcake Set
Bento Cake & Cupcakes by @fondant_boutique

I love this bento and cupcakes box trend! So pretty.

Ramadan Custom Cake

What a beautiful custom cake for a party.

Ramadan Lunchbox Cake

Here is another fantastic idea with the bento trend.

Ramadan Mubarak Cake

Beautiful cascading buttercream crescent moon on this cake! The cakes with a buttercream crescent moon are always best-selling choices.

Ramadan Crescent Cake

Here’s a simple but lovely cake idea for Ramadan Kareem. According to her post, Ramadan is not just about fasting; it teaches you many things like self-discipline, patience, sacrifice, empathy, compassion etc., and it also teaches you the importance of charity.

Ramadan Arch Cake

Here is another alluring-inspired mosque cake with a stencil and flowers.

Bento Ramadan Set

Bento Ramadan Set
Cake & Cupcakes by @mimiscakeoccasions

The colors are alluring, and I love the Ramadan fondant accents. They are always pleasing to look at.

Ramadan Mubarak Sheet Cake

This sheet cake looks so delicious and has a fantastic presentation.

Ramadan Square Cake

Here is another excellent option for a smaller cake but enough to share with family members!

Ramadan Mubarak Cupcakes

Ramadan Cupcakes

Cupcakes by @aleenascakes

What an exquisite cupcake set to celebrate Ramadan.

Ramadan Custom Cupcakes

Ramadan Custom Cupcakes
Cupcakes by @justuscupcakes

According to her post, these gorgeous cupcakes are decorated in different shades of green buttercream (green being a color frequently associated with Islam), and adorned with gold fondant letters and stars, sprinkles, and candy melt moons, paying homage to the sighting of the new moon, marking the start of Ramadan, and the crescent moon and star, symbols of Islam.

Ramadan Peach & Green Cupcakes

Lovely colors and buttercream textures!

Ramadan Pink & Teal Cupcakes

Cupcakes by @shafs_cakery

Combing both colors to create an ombre for the fondant accents is a great idea as seen here.

Ramadan Purple & Green Cupcakes

Stunning choice of colors of light purple and green.

I hope you enjoyed these Ramadan Mubarak cake ideas & cupcake ideas for your next Ramadan! Special thanks to the bakers who shared their beautiful creations and bakers who helped me understand the Muslim’s holiest month. Ramadan Mubarak to you all who observe.

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