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20 Awesome Summer Cakes Ideas

Summer Cakes Inspiration

I had an opportunity to host a cake collaboration on Instagram. A cake collaboration is when a group of bakers comes together to create their own cake based on the theme. On the day of the cake post date, they post the cakes on their Instagram feed using the designated hashtag. I had decided on a summer cake theme to mark the significance of June 21st (the first day of summer)! So, therefore, I had asked the talented bakers who signed up to create something that reminded them of the summer. Read on to see what they came up with (including mine!)

Beach & Sand Cake

Beach & Sand Cake | www.findyourcakeinspiration.com
Close up of Sand | www.findyourcakeinspiration.com
Tropical Flowers | www.findyourcakeinspiration.com
Close Up of Tropical Flowers | www.findyourcakeinspiration.com
Alternative View of the Beach & Sand | www.findyourcakeinspiration.com
Hello Sand | www.findyourcakeinspiration.com

I knew I wanted to do a cake that reminded me of the beach because that’s what summer means to me. I have lots of memories of going to the beach with my family. Honestly, I could go on a beach vacation every single year and never get tired of it! So, hosting a summer lovin’ cake collaboration with the amazing Instagram community was a no-brainer! I was absolutely blown away by their creativity and I loved reading about their summer memories. As much I would love to share every cake in the cake collaboration, I am selecting 20 cakes to share with you. You must view the rest of the cakes on the #summerlovincakecollab hashtag and follow these wonderful bakers!

Cake Details

  • I baked the 4 vanilla cake layers of 6″ in these Fat Daddios cake pans with @sugargeekshow’s Easy Frosting Buttercream to create gorgeous blue waves.
  • I used Wilton Color Right Performance gel colors to create the beautiful blue!
  • An icing spatula was applied to create the buttercream waves.
  • I crushed banana wafers to create the “sand”.
  • I also used a seashell mold that I found on Etsy to create fondant seashells and sea life.
  • Cake Safe’s acrylic discs were applied to get a smooth perfect frosting and sharp edges.
  • I purchased these amazing flowers and the cake stand from my local store. Loved the tropical colors!

Summery Love Cake

Summery Love Cake | www.findyourcakeinspiration.com

How gorgeous is this summery cake with the watercolor and chocolate drip techniques? The toppers are also so fantasic! I love watermelons.

Sunset Buttercream Cake

Sunset Buttercream Cake | www.findyourcakeinspiration.com

Wow, this is such a beautiful work of art! I am always so stumped at how some bakers can use buttercream to create art. Simply AMAZING!

Flamingo Cake

Flamingo Cake | www.findyourcakeinspiration.com

This is ABSOLUTELY fabulous! I love the flamingo’s “feathers” because it’s SO creative!

Coconut Cream Pie Cake

Coconut Cream Pie Cake | www.findyourcakeinspiration.com

So beautiful. Coconut is one of my favorite flavors and I would love to have this cake!

Toucan Cake

Toucan Cake | www.findyourcakeinspiration.com

This is so much fun to look at because I am loving the tropical colors. It’s definitely giving out the summer vibes!

Summery Strawberry Cake

Summer Strawberry Cake | www.findyourcakeinspiration.com

The bright color is so perfect with strawberries and sprinkles! I am in so in love.

Mango Cake

Mango Cake | www.findyourcakeinspiration.com

I am so loving the buttercream piping technique that was used on this gorgeous cake!

Beach Dreamin’ Cake

Beach Dreamin' Cake | www.findyourcakeinspiration.com

Wow! This brings me back all of the feels of being at the beach when growing up. The jagged edges are such a cool technique.

Summer Leaves Cake

Summer Leaves Cake | www.findyourcakeinspiration.com

These fondant painted leaves in different green shades are so charming. I love the soft pink base color!

Summer Colors Cake

Summer Colors Cake | www.findyourcakeinspiration.com

I am loving this pastel-colored cake with different textures and gold touches.

Pineapple Cakesicles

Pineapple Cakesicles | www.findyourcakeinspiration.com

How amazing are these pineapple themed cakesicles?! She is so talented. A cakesicle is basically a cake pop but in a different mold coated with chocolates or candy melts.

Watermelon Cake Slices

Watermelon Cake Slices | www.findyourcakeinspiration.com

These cake slices are a dream to look at! Cake slices are a great alternative to cakes, cookies, or cakesicles.

Ice Cream Cone Cake

Ice Cream Cone Cake | www.findyourcakeinspiration.com

My kids would absolutely go crazy over this yummy looking cake! I love the indents to make the cake to look like a cone.

Summer Sorbet Cake

Summer Sorbet Cake | www.findyourcakeinspiration.com

This is SO bright and cheery! It’s the perfect cake for a summer birthday party!

Tropical Cakesicles

Tropical Cakesicles | www.findyourcakeinspiration.com

These are such a cute set of summer vibes popsicles! Which one is your favorite? I can’t choose between flamingos or pineapples.

Marbled Ocean Waves

Marbled Ocean Waves | www.findyourcakeinspiration.com

This is truly STUNNING! I definitely can picture waves when I look at this. I love the gold touch. Head over to her Instagram to check out her tutorials on how to make marbled cakes!

Popsicle Cake

Popsicle Cake | www.findyourcakeinspiration.com

Oh, I am loving the popsicles! Sprinkles can be a great cake decorating technique to use on your cakes. I own so many sprinkle mixes and it is so easy to get addicted.

Citrus Cake

Citrus Cake | www.findyourcakeinspiration.com

This citrusy cake with oranges, limes, and lemons cookies is pretty sweet. Lastly, the bright colors mesh together really well.

Watermelon Faultline Cake

Watermelon Faultline Cake | www.findyourcakeinspiration.com

The faultline cakes are the latest Instagram trend right now. This watermelon faultline is so delightful to look at.

I hope you enjoyed looking at these gorgeous creations and have ideas for your summer party, summer-themed party, or an end of the summer party!

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