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20 Fantastic Halloween Cake Ideas You Will Like

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Hi, ghouls! I am back again with my 3rd annual Halloween cakes wrap-up/inspiration blog post. I absolutely love doing inspiration posts for Halloween because they’re just fun to do! There are so many different cake techniques when decorating a Halloween cake. I love looking through Halloween cakes every year to share. Read on and check out the fun ideas such as spiders, skulls, ghosts and, etc. If you want to see more Halloween cake ideas for a Halloween party, scroll down to the end. Have a safe and happy Halloween! 🎃 👻

Halloween Cakes Inspiration

Haunted House Cake

Striped Halloween Cake
Cake by Find Your Cake Inspiration
Halloween Striped Cake
Cake by Find Your Cake Inspiration
Top View Halloween Cake
Cake by Find Your Cake Inspiration
Slime Drip Cake
Cake by Find Your Cake Inspiration

For my final Halloween cake of 2020, I decided to do a striped vanilla cake with some slime. I don’t do a lot of striped cakes often but I wanted the cake to be colorful and Halloweeny! I used an Evil Genius Cake cake comb, Fancy Sprinkles “Haunted Mansion” (CAKEINSPO15 for a 15% discount on any other products), Sweet Tooth Fairy Slime Drip, Americolor colors (violet and orange), and Chefmaster neon green color. Full write-up of this cake here.

Monster Eye Cake

Blackout Chocolate Cake
Cake by Eat More Cake

Here’s a fun and simple Halloween dark chocolate cake with bark on top of the cake by Eat More Cake! Check out how to make it here. It will be a great addition to a Halloween dessert table.

I Put Spell On You Cake

I love the color scheme with gorgeous purple, lime, and black! Halloween cakes do not have to have traditional colors to be creative.

Jack O’ Lantern Cake

Jack O' Lantern Cake
Cake by @caputoscakes

I love this simple pumpkin cake design because it’s fairly doable for a beginner/intermediate baker using fondant, stencil for buttercream, or sugar sheet cut by a Cricut. Halloween candy, candy corn, and more can be sprinkled on the top. Head over to her blog for more great tutorials.

Striped Pumpkin Halloween Cake

Striped Pumpkin Cake
Cake by @eppichcakes

What a festive Halloween cake with stripes, sprinkles, and buttercream pumpkins!

Pretty Bat Cake

Sophie used a bat stencil to make this pretty bat cake! All you need are the drips and a rope border to finish up the cake. Check out her September’s Cake Decorator spotlight feature here.

Ghost Halloween Cakes

Cutesy Ghost Cake

The cutest ghost cake you’ll ever see with fondant ghosts and sprinkles.

Glam Ghost Cake

This style of ghost cake has been trending on Instagram this Halloween season. It’s just so versatile and cute as this cake! Pick any colors and accents to dress up your ghost cake.

Halloween Spiderweb Cake

Halloween Spider Webbed Cake
Cake By @craveems

Here’s another favorite Halloween cake technique of mine using a bit of marshmallow. This spider cake is gorgeous with colorful colors!

Colorful Cake with Fondant Spiders

Colorful Cake with Fondant Spiders
Cake By @cflenna

Clare created this super cute and simple drip cake with fondant spiders and candy eyeballs. Check out her spotlight feature here.

Spooky Graveyard Cake

Spooky Tree Halloween Cake
Cake By @babycakesbakeryyy

Does this give you Sleepy Hollow vibes? So spooky but has a fun vibe!

Skull Halloween Cakes

Spooky Scary Skulls Cake

Spooky Scary Skulls Cake
Cake By @little_x_o

Here’s a spooky Halloween cake. Skull cakes is one of my favorite Halloween cake styles. Megan managed to make skulls look glam and haunting at the same time. Love it.

Bleeding Skulls Cake

Bleeding Skulls Cake
Cake By @sweetstopto

Giving out the spooky vibe with all of the bleeding skulls!

Halloween Cat Cake

Halloween Cat Cake
Cake By @qookiethecakery

Steph created this great Halloween cake using a dot art technique. I know I am nowhere at her skill level, so I will just admire!

Halloween Birthday Cake

Halloween Birthday Cake
Cake By @smashcakesholland

This festive cake definitely screams Halloween! Perfect for a birthday girl who loves Halloween.

Bloody Glass Cake

Bloody Glass Cake
Cake By @derriella

What a creepy cake!! This is the Ultimate Gore Halloween Cake with edible blood! (P.S. sorry if this makes you queasy. 😆) For more edible blood inspiration, check out my zombie cake.

Fun Halloween Drip Cake

Cake By @jacandjillsbakes

Here’s a cake if you want a cutesy and colorful Halloween filled with pumpkin candles, sprinkles, and drips! This will delight your party guests.

Haunted Pirate Ship Cake

Haunted Pirate Skulls Cake
Cake By @cakelaurenloves

I love this creative twist to a skull cake. Haunted pirate ship! So cool.

Boo Sheet Halloween Cake

Boo Sheet Halloween Cake
Cake By @frecklesandfrostingbakery

How cute is Morgan’s Halloween-inspired sheet cake? Perfect for a Halloween feast.

Halloween Themed Cake

Cake By @thegirlwholetthemeatcake

What a beautiful Halloween cake with stripes, sprinkles, candy eyeballs, and more sweet treats.

Thanks for reading and following along! All of the Halloween cake ideas are perfect for Halloween parties! Which cake is your favorite? Let me know in the comments! 

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