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25 Unique Christmas Cakes

Christmas Cake Inspiration

Christmas snuck up on us pretty quickly, has it? I know it has for me. I have so much to do because we are hosting Christmas Eve! What are your plans for Christmas? I had every intention to publish this blog post earlier this month but life. I’ve really enjoyed seeing so many Christmas cakes this holiday season and I am rounding up some festive cake inspiration for any last-minute ideas and for next year’s Christmas inspiration. Have a Merry Christmas!

My Christmas Cakes

Black & Pink Christmas Tree Cake

This was so much fun to do! I did this for a Black Christmas cake collaboration on Instagram. I decided to use my favorite colors which are pink and black for this cake. The buttercream Christmas tree is 100% inspired by @frostedfujicakes. Read more about Rachel here.

I used Fancy Sprinkles hot pink jimmies and dragees to decorate the buttercream tree. Like always, I have a coupon code (CAKEINSPO15) for you to use if you want to save 15% off your order! To top the cake off, I used Bakery Bling glittery sugar. They have AMAZING glitter sugars and edible decorations. The silver cake stand is from Amalfi Decor. Lastly, I purchased this pretty backdrop from Ink And Elm Backdrops.

See below how I made the glitter star. This method can be used for any shape!

Isomalt Star Method

  • Put on a pair of sugar protective gloves to protect you from accidentally burning yourself.
  • Melt a small amount of isomalt nibs until they are fully melted
  • Sprinkle in some edible glitter. I used Fancy Sprinkles Rose Quartz prism powder. (Side Note: I am seriously obsessed with their new prism powers which are edible glitters! Take my word that they are SO sparkly. )
  • Set a star cookie cutter on a silicone mat
  • Carefully pour the melted isomalt in the cookie cutter. Make sure it is thick enough so it won’t break when it’s time to take the isomalt out of the cookie cutter.
  • Let it cool
  • Carefully push the isomalt out
  • Brush the star with more edible glitter
  • Marvel at how gorgeous your star is!

Candy Cane Lane Cake

This fun cake was for a Christmas Sprinkle Stripes cake collab. It turns out that I needed to make a cake for my husband’s holiday party as well! I used a chocolate recipe with chocolate buttercream. It looked so delicious. I cut up some parchment into stripes then I applied them to the cake. The sprinkles were applied on the exposed buttercream until all was covered. I removed the parchment stripes to reveal beautiful sprinkle stripes! In addition, the sprinkles were also from Fancy Sprinkles.

More Christmas Inspiration

Adorable Gingerbread Man Cake

Adorable Gingerbread Man Cake
Cake by cakesbyisaac

How ADORABLE is the gingerbread men? I LOVE them.

Winter Wonderland Cake

Winter Wonderland Cake
Cake By zibakeriz

I am feeling the Winter Wonderland vibes with this cake! The trees were piped with a 1M tip.

Sweet Christmas Wreath Cake

This is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous and incredibly detailed especially the tree with a star.

Elf Unicorn Cake

This is a super cute twist to a traditional unicorn cake.

Festive Wreath Striped Cake

This cake definitely screams Christmas! The buttercream wreath is just so pretty.

Winter Botanical Cake

What a beauty! You can’t go wrong with poinsettia, one of the traditional Christmas plants.

Classic Christmas Cake

I love the classic Christmas look for this cake. The squiggles certainly adds a flair!

Christmas Cactus Cake

Christmas Cactus Cake
Cake By sugarwillowcakes

First of all, I love cactus because they can be so pretty if paired with a design. This is SO cute.

Black Wreath Cake

Black Wreath Cake
Cake By charrajf

Wow, this is beautiful! A modern twist to a Christmas wreath.

Glam Winter Cake

Glam Winter Cake
Cake By wonderfulwhittycakes

This is giving me all of the glam feels. You can’t go wrong with gold, black and white color combination!

Gold Reindeer Cake

Gold Reindeer Cake
Cake By cakes.of.gratitude

A gold painted reindeer is so magical.

Gold Dragee Christmas Tree Cake

Gold Dragee Christmas Tree Cake
Cake By cakesbysylviag

One of the ingenious Christmas tree cakes I’ve seen. Using dragees is a fabulous idea!

Glam Christmas Tree Cake

Cake By theflourgirl_

Similarly, this is great example of using dragees to create a Christmas tree. I love the neon colors! Click here to read more about Lindsay.

Beautiful Ornament Cake

Beautiful Ornament Cake
Cake By the_teal_whisk

Wow, this is so stunning! I love the piped buttercream and sprinkles on the ornaments.

Gorgeous Snowflake Cake

Gorgeous Snowflake Cake
Cake By brytt_bakes

This is very pretty! I love the fuzzy effect and subtle ombre buttercream.

Baby It’s Cold Outside Christmas Cake

Baby It's Cold Outside Christmas Cake
Cake By paintingwithbuttercream

Just AMAZING. Can you believe all of this was done with buttercream?

Gold Christmas

Gold Christmas
Cake By butter_me_up_cakes

Simply incredible! I LOVE the gold brushed look.

Starry Night Cake

Starry Night Cake
Cake By rachel.makes.cakes

This is a marvelous cake. It definitely reminds me of clear and starry nights away from the city.

Neon Christmas

Neon Christmas Cake
Cake By bake_a_saurus

The buttercream textures and neon colors are just perfect for this sheet cake!

Pretty Christmas Cake

Pretty Christmas Cake
Cake By theanxious.baker

What a sweet and pretty cake! I adore the “sprinkle” ornament garland!

Let It Snow Cake

Wintry Mix Cake
Cake By eatmesweets

This cake is giving me all of the wintery mix feels! The snowflakes are darling.

Nordic Sheet Cake

Nordic Sheet Cake
Cake By ohcakeswinnie

I’m so impressed at the piping work on this cake! Wow! It totally reminds me of sweaters with this pattern.

Candy Cane Unicorn Cake

Candy Cane Unicorn Cake
Cake By cakesbylalae

I’m SO digging this genius twist for the unicorn cake! Very Christmasy.

Special thanks to the bakers who were kind to share their cakes! Which ones were your favorites? Pin this to your boards for your cake inspiration by using the Pinterest social button at the bottom!

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