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4th of July Dessert Ideas

4th of July Dessert Ideas on Find Your Cake Inspiration www.findyourcakeinspiration.com

Hi everyone! I’m back with fun & pretty 4th of July dessert ideas. Today, I’ll share how I did this 4th of July desserts that I did for my cake business, Buttered & Sugared by linking to recipes and supplies I used. I will also share any tutorials because I did not film or take detailed pictures this time! I hope you have a wonderful 4th of July with your loved ones. 🇺🇸

4th of July Buttercream Swirled Cupcakes with an USA flag

4th of July Dessert Ideas

I settled on doing three vanilla cupcakes, three macarons with vanilla buttercream, vanilla sugar cookies, and cakesicles with vanilla cake and frosting for my upcoming 4th of July orders.

4th of July Treat Box with cupcakes, sugar cookies, macarons, and cakesicles

Photo Styling Supplies

I purchased this pink serving tray at Hobby Lobby, but it has sold out. I’ve looked for alternatives that you may like.

I also bought 4th of July party confetti, paper fans, and USA flag picks at Hobby Lobby. If there is no Hobby Lobby near you, here are the alternatives on Amazon.

I just discovered this AMAZING Stars and Stripes Patriotic Paper Party Fans on Etsy!

4th of July Cupcakes

USA cupcakes with buttercream swirls and USA flags.

I purchased this ruffled cake stand from Hobby Lobby as well.

4th of July Desserts and Treats

I used this vanilla cupcake recipe and this buttercream frosting for my cupcakes.

How to Make Multicolored Buttercream Swirls

  • I split the buttercream into three separate bowls and colored them using white, red, and royal blue with a tiny bit of violet gel colors.
  • Put them in separate disposable piping bags.
  • Roll out cling wrap and cut.
  • Pipe in one straight line using one color.
  • Repeat the steps until you’ve done all of the colors.
  • Roll up the cling wrap and twist then cut the very end of the roll.
  • Put it in a large piping bag with a 1M piping tip.
  • Squeeze and start piping the cupcakes.

I’m linking to a short video I did last year on another cake.

4th of July Cakesicles

4th of July Cakesicles

I used a couple of plain cupcakes to mix with the buttercream frosting for the cake bits.

How to Make Cakesicles

Please use any chocolate that is designed for coating (regular chocolate will not be sufficient!). I’ve used these below with success. I am not a fan of the candy melts because they are too sweet for me, so I use typical coating chocolate wafters. A lot of people use candy melts because they come in predesigned colors, and it is easier. You definitely can color your chocolate with oil-based coloring or powdered coloring designed for chocolate. It just takes an extra step to do the colors.

  • For this set of white cakesicles, I colored the melted off white chocolate with Master Elite in White to achieve the white color.
  • I used this Silikomart Silicone Mold Set to make my cakesicles, and it comes with the pop sticks.
  • Apply the chocolate directly into the mold and coat the entire mold paying special attention to the edges. Let it harden for 5 minutes. You can put the mold in the fridge to quicken up the process. Add more chocolate to cover the edges to ensure no cracking. I learned this tip from @_joscakes‘s molding video.
  • After the chocolate has set, I put the cake bits in each mold, insert the sticks, and applied the rest of the chocolate to cover the cake.
  • Melt any remaining chocolate and put it in a ziplock bag, and make a tiny cut on the edge of the bag. Drizzle over the cakesicles and sprinkle with the sanding sugar, which can be found at your grocery store. I usually have a large white sanding sugar that I can color with gel colors using my desired colors, and that’s what I did to achieve the blue color as pictured.

Here’s a helpful YouTube tutorial on cakesicles (not mine).

4th of July Macarons

This box wasn’t meant for macarons since the box is a bit tall for the macarons, but the macaron boxes I purchased did not fit the entire dozen macarons, so I used this treat box for the dozen.

4th of July Patriotic Macarons

How to Make Macarons

I am not going to go in detail on how I made these macarons because it is a whole post into itself! LOL. However, I will link to recipes and youtube video tutorials for you if you want to attempt making macarons.

Here are the recipes I’ve used with success. When it comes to macarons, there is no perfect plan to get perfect macarons. You have to put in time and error to figure out how to achieve these finicky macarons! Once I started monitoring my oven with a digital oven thermometer and paying attention to my macronage, the results are much better. Please watch the YouTube I’ve linked below for the entire process.

To achieve these colors, I used equal parts of Americolor royal blue and violet for the blue color, Master Elite in Red Rose, and Master Elite in White. Red and White gel colors can be used! I like to use both powdered and gel colors for macarons, but I prefer powdered colors for deep and dark colors when it comes to coloring macarons because too much gel coloring can affect the batter.

I filled the macarons with vanilla buttercream the one I used for the cupcakes.

4th of July Sugar Cookies

I used the classic sugar cookie recipe from The Hutch Oven Creative Cookie Decorating book that a friend sent to me. Her recipe makes the softest and delicious sugar cookies! I have not tried other cookie recipes to make suggestions because I don’t know how they will turn out, so you should google sugar cookie recipes and pick one!

How to Make Star Cookies

  • Make a batch using any sugar recipe
  • Use a star cookie cutter to cut out cookies
  • Bake on a baking tray with a silicone mat
  • Cool the cookies on a wire rack
  • Apply the frosting that you used for the cupcakes to the cookies
  • Pour sanding sugar in different colors in separate bowls
  • Dip the cookies into the bowls for the sugar to stick to the frosting

Need Some 4th of July Sprinkles?

Fancy Sprinkles 4th of July

Check out Fancy Sprinkles’ patriotic collection here! Like always, use CAKEINSPO15 for a 15% discount off your order.

That is it for today! I hope you enjoyed my 4th of July dessert ideas blog post! Thanks for reading. Please feel free to drop a comment or ask a question in the comments.

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