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A Few Cakes @afewcakes

For April, I’m featuring Amanda @afewcakes from St. Alberta, Alberta Canada. She is the queen of dainty and clean edges cakes! I always enjoy seeing her creations on her aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed. Read on to learn a little bit more about Amanda! (Side Note, her responses are in Canadian English)

Hi Amanda! Can you share some about yourself?

I live in Alberta, Canada, originally from BC. I’m a kitty mama, married for 8 years this summer and have been making cakes for 11 years!

How did your cake decorating journey begin?

My cake decorating journey began in 2009. I had just finished culinary school and had promised my sister a wedding cake at the end of it. I didn’t realize that my baking skills would need some serious work and I didn’t get very much baking training in culinary school so I decided to teach myself so I could at least make my sisters wedding cake. Practising cake decorating techniques and playing with fondant was such a joy for me that I knew this was what I was meant to do in life.

You have beautiful and clean cake designs. Is there a particular inspiration source you get your ideas from?

I get a lot of my inspiration from other talented cake artists on Instagram. I also see inspiration in odd places like a funky pattern on a shirt or searching different color combinations on google.

What is your favorite process of cake decorating?

My favourite process of cake decorating would be adding those final finishing touches. I make all my decorations ahead of time from fondant mostly so when it comes time to decorating the cake, everything is all set to go. I love seeing it all come together in the end.

What are your must haves cake tools?

My must have cake tools are a turn table, a straight spatula, and a cake scraper. If I could only choose 3 to get the job done, those would definitely be it. 

Do you have a memorable cake design that challenged you?

I think one of the most challenging cake designs I’ve made was the one where I used an ice cream cone right in the centre. The cake was for a collaboration so there wasn’t too much pressure to make it perfect but it was a difficult one to ice as it was very wobbly! 

Is there a baking/cake decorating technique that you would like to try soon?

I’ve recently started making fried donuts and I’m addicted! I really want to try making filled ones next. I’m also always experimenting with converting recipes into vegan versions so vegan Nanaimo bars are high on my list to try! 

What are your favorite cake trends? 

My favourite cake trends right now would have to be striped buttercream cakes, shag cakes, anything with sugar work on top like sugar sails and lollipops and I love the look of piped flowers with Russian tips.

I love your Instagram feed. Do you put a lot of thought in planning your grid?

I put a lot of thought into how my feed looks like. I use the preview app so I can see how everything will look together once I post a new photo. I try not to put two similar styles beside or on top of each other. 

What do you like to do to unwind after a long day?

After a long day, I like to enjoy a glass of white wine, watch Netflix and cuddle with my kitties. 

My Favorite Cakes

Pretty Brushstroke Cake

Pretty Brushstroke Cake

I used @christinascupcakes macaron recipe for these pink beauties! If you struggle with macarons, I highly suggest you go and get this recipe!! (I can attest to this!)

Amazing Australia Inspired Cake

Amazing Australia Inspired Cake

 I am proud to be a part of the #myheartiswithaustraliacollab, a cake collaboration dedicated to Australian fires. This cake I made is a vegan vanilla cake I’ve been experimenting with all week filled and piped with vegan Swiss buttercream! I’m quite impressed with how this cake turned out. It is so delicious, especially the buttercream and it piped like a dream!⁣

Christmas Candy Cake

Christmas Candy Cake

When I think of Christmas candy, I immediately think of the old school candy ribbons and assorted satin candies that always seemed to be out in a dish completely stuck together like glue so I had to make a cake out of these guys.

Marble Ice Cream Cake

Marble Ice Cream Cake

This was definitely a tricky design to pull off, probably not something I would offer to clients until I figured out how to make it more stable as this guy was wobbly but I love the way he turned out! 

Gorgeous Shag Cake

Gorgeous Shag Cake

I might have a new obsession with the partial shag. Click here to view the tutorial on the sugar sail.

Spring Blooms Easter Cake

Spring Blooms Easter Cake

I used the @wilton Garden Tone Icing Colors set to color my buttercream these gorgeous spring colors. I thought these colors would be perfect to use for stripes and to pipe some beautiful spring florals, grass and leaves with the Easy Blooms tip set, 233 and 67 piping tips. I used the white sparkling sugar to cover the entire cake after I finished icing it with the icing smoother stripe comb. I thought the pastel bunny icing decorations were the perfect finishing touch to this Easter themed cake! ⁣ ⁣All of these products I used made achieving this design a piece of cake!

Gender Neutral First Birthday Cake

Gender Neutral First Birthday Cake

This cake was for a twin boy and girl birthday!

Colorful St. Patrick’s Cake

Colorful St. Patrick's Cake

This was for a special cake collaboration with Belly’s Bake Shop to do a special St. Patricks cake with a partial shag.

Perfect Ice Cream Cake

Perfect Ice Cream Cake

Another top favorite cake I like to make, the ice cream drip cake all decorated with sprinkles and macarons! ⁣

Cereal Inspired Cake

Cereal Inspired Cake

I’ve been so excited to make a cereal cake! I decided to use the “confetti cupcake” @maltomealcereal from Walmart. This has got to be one of the most delicious cereals I’ve ever tried! Super affordable as well!

Thank you so much for sharing your gorgeous creations, Amanda! Definitely give her a follow on Instagram because you won’t be disappointed.

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  1. Hi! I love your page, these cakes looks beautiful and delicious! I’m not a baker myself and I need to find a gorgeous cake for my daughter’s birthday so I was wondering if you could refer me to a great baker-cake decorator in the State of Washington (we live in the Eastside) for a special request?
    Thank you in advance!

    1. Hi I am so sorry that I can’t help you with finding a baker in Eastside. I would suggest googling bakers in your local area or even on Instagram using the hashtag something like “insert your city” and add cakes to the hashtag. For example, I would search #houstoncakes or #houstonbakers if I wanted to find a baker in Houston.

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