Barbie Cake Ideas and More For Your Barbie Birthday Party

Barbie Cake Ideas

Looking for inspiration for your Barbie cake? Look no further! Explore a whimsical and pink world of Barbie custom cakes that will spark your creativity. From glamorous runways & sand castles, these Barbie cake ideas will help you create a standout cake for any Barbie lover.

Vintage Barbie Cake

I created this vintage Barbie cake using heart cake pans in anticipation of the Barbie movie launch! Click the link below to see the tutorial.

Two Tiered Barbie Cake

Two Tiered Barbie Cake
Cake by @thegirlwholetthemeatcake

This ultimate two-tiered Barbie cake exudes some charm! The top tier is delicately adorned with fun decorations such as chocolate lips, donuts, buttercream ice cream, and a cupcake on the bottom. It’s the perfect choice for a big birthday bash!

Malibu Barbie Tiered Cake

Malibu Barbie Tiered Cake
Cake by @sherrie.bakes.cakes

Here is a fantastic Malibu-themed party cake idea! A delicious cake that captures the essence of the beach, sun, and fun, along with some incredible decorations such as disco balls and the name & number. Check out her interview here.

Bubblegum Barbie Cake

Bubblegum Barbie Cake
Cake by @saucybakes

This is a fun take on a Barbie photo cake! I find the concept of using chocolate foam-covered balls to mimic blowing gum and gumballs absolutely delightful.

Tall Barbie Custom Cake

Tall Barbie Cake
Cake by @crumbs.by.kaylakors

Here’s the queen of tall cakes with her idea for a Barbie cake filled with lots of 4 inch cake layers and edible decorations!

Disco Ball Barbie Cake

Disco Ball Barbie Cake
Cake by @craveems

If you are a passionate Barbie enthusiast or have a special someone who adores these iconic dolls, you’re in for a treat! With its charming aesthetics, this fantastic cake will bring joy to the person who’s celebrating (maybe you!)

Minimalistic Barbie Cake

Cake by @ladybird.htx

Love this minimalistic look with a wavy stencil and flowers along with a custom topper!

Bow Barbie Cake

Bow Barbie Cake
Cake by @kens_kakes

This charming bow cake is perfect for celebrating a little girl’s special day. With its soft colors and little hearts, it is sure to bring a smile to her face.

Barbie B-Day Cake

Barbie B-day cake
Cake by @onceuponacakery_

Love this whimsical cake with chocolate decorations for a sweet birthday!

Barbie Birthday Cake

Birthday Barbie Cake
Cake by @cakesbypuneet

Here’s one of the classic Barbie cake designs for a birthday along with some buttercream textures.

Pink Overload Barbie Cake

Pink Overload Barbie Cake
Cake by @wildchildcupcakes_inc

If this isn’t the pink ultimate cake for Barbie, then I don’t know what is! Bursting with lots of pinks, disco balls, fun chocolate decorations, and a balloon topper for a playful touch! This special Barbie cake is every Barbie lover’s dream come true.

Pink Barbie Birthday Cake

Barbie Pink Birthday Cake
Cake by @dasmakescakes

This hot pink cake is perfect for any Barbie-themed birthday party or a special occasion for any fan of the iconic doll. This cake will impress kids and adults with its vibrant pink buttercream and details such as makeup and nail polish.

Pool Barbie Cake

Pool Barbie Cake
Cake by @bee.hn504

Need a unique idea for a Barbie pool party? Check out this Barbie pool cake with a fondant float and ladder.

Balloon Barbie Cake

Balloon Barbie Cake
Cake by @bee.hn504

Need more decoration ideas for a birthday cake? Adding macarons, chocolate, and a Barbie cake topper will do the trick!

Sprinkle Barbie Cake

Cake by @the.baked.bliss

So, whether you’re hosting a vintage Barbie-themed party or simply craving a whimsical treat to brighten your day, the sprinkle vintage heart cake will surely delight you. It is a sweet reminder of the beauty and nostalgia that can be found in even the simplest of desserts.

Barbie 21st Birthday Cake

Cake by @lyndsays.cakery

Making a Barbie cake for a 21st birthday is a fun and unique way to celebrate this milestone occasion. A Barbie cake adds a touch of whimsy and nostalgia, while also showcasing the birthday girl’s personality and flair.

Striped Barbie Cake

Cake by @cupcakesandconfetti1

Such a fun cake with pink stripes, pink chocolate donuts, lips, and some Barbie accessories (the car!)! Check out the button below to see how she made the cake. Perfect for young girls everywhere!

Malibu Barbie Cake

Malibu Barbie Cake
Cake by @adibearsweets

Love this colorful Malibu themed cake for a pool party or summer birthday party!

Tropical Barbie Cake

Tropical Barbie Cake
Cake by @sprinkles.and.sparklesbb

This super cute tropical cake adorned with chocolate leaves, hearts, and bows was inspired by the pool in the Barbie movie. It is perfect for a pool party as well!

Barbie Heel Cake

Barbie Heel Cake
Cake by @cocobellycakes

At first, I thought this was an actual heel but it’s actually cake! Can you believe it? Truly edible art. Check out the video below to see how it was made.

Barbie Doll Cake Designs

Pretty Barbie Cake

Pretty Barbie Cake
Cake by @_pobibakery

Barbie doll cakes are one of the popular Barbie cake trends and I can see why! The birthday girl gets to pick her own doll that looks like her to be placed on the top of the cake.

Princess Birthday Cake

Barbie Birthday Cake
Cake by @_pobibakery

For her dress, it’s a perfect princess Barbie cake with buttercream swirls (use a large open star tip such as 1M). 

Barbie Doll Birthday Cake

Pink Barbie Doll Cake
Cake by @brentbakes.nyc

What a gorgeous doll cake with a dress made of wafers on a Barbie with a plastic wrap. This can be a fairy barbie cake!

Barbie Doll Cake

Barbie Doll Cake
Cake by @zainscakesandbakes

Here’s a unique barbie doll cake design. This couture Barbie cake with different fondant dress layers is stunning!

Barbie Cake Reels

With these fantastic Barbie cake ideas, the possibilities are endless to create a custom cake that reflects your unique vision, these designs will inspire you to create a standout cake that will thrill any Barbie lover. So don’t hold back – let your creativity soar and bring your Barbie cake dreams to life for the next party!

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  1. These cake ideas are stunning! The intricate details and vibrant colors make them the perfect centerpiece for a Barbie-themed birthday party. They truly capture the magic of the occasion and inspire creativity.

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