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Birds, Moana, and More Cake Submission

Sarah Valette from Doubleview, WA Australia has graciously shared her gorgeous cakes with us, so let’s go over and check out her work!

Cute Birds First Birthday Cake

This is an adorable first birthday cake with a tree, birds, and, banner. The shading was done by airbrushing.

Moana Birthday Cake

Wow, this cake is stunning! The wave was made from melted lollies and the grass made from colored coconut (how creative). Airbrushing was done on the middle layer.

Minion 3D Birthday Cake

Ok, this minion 3D is awesome! It’s a structured double cake and gravity-defying sculpted cake. I love the cake on the minion. Great job, Sarah!

Air Balloon Teddy Bear Birthday Cake

How sweet is this hot air balloon teddy bear (modeling) carved birthday cake?

Pink White Wedding Cake With A Macaroon Tower

A simply gorgeous 2 tiers semi-naked cake on a macaron tower & fresh flowers.

Succulents Wedding Cake

A beautiful three-tiered semi-naked cake and has real succulents from the garden.

Tattoo Birthday Cake

Here is an amazing tattoo cake! The tattoos were cut from edible images, heart fondant airbrushed, and the lace was made from gélatine. Here’s a video for you to enjoy.

Geode Cake

This cake is a marble cake with edible gold leaves and the geode was made from homemade candy rocks. Check out the video of this cake here. I love geode cakes!

Pug Cake Birthday Cake

This is a SUPER adorable 3D pug cake painted with cocoa and its bow made from rice paper and gelatine.

3D Shark Birthday Cake

Wow, this airbrushed 3D shark is some awesome work!

R2D2 Star Wars Birthday Cake

This SO neat 3D cake with a red light in the head was 45cm high and on a structure hanging from the legs.

Zombie Birthday Cake

Yikes, this cake is so realistic and it’s creeping me out! (The Walking Dead, anyone?) The 3D cake head was painted with airbrush and the blood and pieces were made of the cherry jam. Here’s a video of the skull cake.

3D Trailer Truck Wedding Cake

This wedding is pretty unique – never seen a wedding like this! This 3D trailer truck is pulling a three semi-naked cake. Check out the video of the creative cake.

Can’t get enough of her work? Head over to her Facebook page and Instagram! Thank you SO much, Sarah, for sharing your work with us. They are all beautiful!

I would LOVE to feature YOU and your work! Please go to the cake submission page to submit your cakes and I will feature your cakes. Don’t be shy!

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