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Hi friends! I am thrilled to be featuring Precious from Baked By Precious, one of the versatile treat makers & content creators who resides in South Florida, for June’s Cake Decorator Spotlight. She makes some adorable treats that are approachable for beginners! Read on to learn how she started making cakes & treats and turned her confectionery skills into a career.

Interview with Precious

It was a pleasure sitting down with Precious to ask some questions and get to know her better.

Check out with Precious had to say in our interview:

How did your cake/treat decorating journey begin? 

I have always loved sweets! For as long as I can remember. I saw a wedding cake for the first time at six years old and thought, how cool!! I can’t believe you can eat that! I used to create random treats out of snacks in our pantry after school, my siblings were my taste testers. At 12, I started baking cupcakes and selling them at school. Here I am at 31, still doing it! I fell into treats during the pandemic. I had always loved candy making and treat making, but the extra time at home really gave me a chance to experiment with everything, I love it so much! 

What is your favorite process of baking/cake decorating? 

Definitely the decorating! Funny enough, I don’t love the baking part of baking, it’s getting to put it all together in the end and creating what I see in my head that gets me excited. 

Do you have cake trends that you’re currently loving?

I’m really into vintage Lambeth cakes right now. I love piping, and that style really allows you to be creative with it! 

What advice would you give yourself at the beginning of your career regarding running a small business?

I would definitely remind myself to keep going, even when it seemed impossible, and to stop doubting myself, I am good enough. 

Where do you find your inspiration from? 

Anywhere! Clothes, songs, fun patterns on notebooks, etc! I’ve taken many random pictures of something cool and said, “How do I make this edible?”

What advice would you give someone wanting to pursue a content creation career? 

Content creation is a hard job! Lots of hours, and it’s a very self-motivated field. I’d advise anyone looking to start to take it seriously, it is a REAL job. Stay consistent and create from the heart things you truly truly love. The rest will fall into place. Most importantly never ever give up! 

What is your favorite/least favorite part of content creation?

My favorite part of creating is just that, creating, having an idea, and bringing it to life is so fulfilling! My least favorite part is trying to be paid for it. Finding monetized content work has proved to be a tall task! 

What is your favorite dessert?

Cupcakes!!! Funfetti cupcakes with cream cheese buttercream.

What do you do to unwind after a long day?

I love to curl up in bed and watch old rom-coms at the end of a long day 

I would definitely remind myself to keep going, even when it seemed impossible, and to stop doubting myself, I am good enough. 


Favorite Cakes

Groovy Vibes Birthday Cake

Groovy Vibes Birthday Cake

We celebrated our daughter with a groovy cake filled with chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream! So good!

Bear on the Beach Baby Shower Cake

Bear on the Beach Baby Shower Cake

This adorable two-tiered vanilla cake was for a Baby on Beach baby shower. It’s also a perfect theme for a beach birthday!

Pink Graduation Cake

Pink Graduation Cake

This pink graduation cake was for my daughter’s pre-K graduation, and she requested a Lambeth cake! Check out the video of the cake here.

Vintage Cherry Birthday Cake

Vintage Cherry Birthday Cake

Heart cakes are trending, and I can see why! I loved working on this beauty! The birthday girl got to take this cake with her to see Taylor Swift, and I was so excited for her. Click here to see more vintage cake inspiration.

Bee Birthday Cake

Bee Birthday Cake

Bumble Bee-themed birthday party for a little cutie!

Mermaid Cakesicle

Mermaid Cakesicle

How to make these mermaid cakesicles, click here.

Easter Treats

Easter Treats

This spring, I created these Easter treats as part of my Easter treat class. Baby chick cakesicle was dulce de leche. To see these in a video, click here.

Strawberry Mini Muffins

Strawberry Mini Muffins

Mini strawberry muffins topped with cream cheese buttercream and a fresh strawberry slice. Yum!


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Thank you, Precious, for taking the time to do this interview! Check out below on how to follow Precious on social media.

More about Baked By Precious

The baker and content creator specializing in unique treats such as cakesicles, cake gems, and other tasty fun small desserts!

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