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Easy Valentine’s Cupcakes

Easy Valentine's Day Cupcakes
Easy Valentine's Cupcakes

Hi everyone! Today, I’m sharing an easy Valentine’s cupcakes post on cupcakes with different colors and sprinkles inside the cupcakes. These Valentine’s cupcakes are fun and easy to do with your family or for Valentine’s Day treats. The options are endless when it comes to Valentine’s day cupcakes! Affiliate Disclaimer: The sprinkles were sent to me by Fancy Sprinkles to do Valentine’s content.

Valentine’s Cupcakes Tutorial

Valentine's Day Cupcakes


Sprinkles used: Daddy’s Girl, Stupid Cupid, Queen of Hearts, Crushed, Heartbreak Hotel, Truth or Dare, Drunk in Love, Cuff Me


  1. Bake cupcakes according to the recipe.
  2. Make the Swiss Meringue Buttercream and divide the batch into two colors (pink and white. Select your preferred colors if you don’t want to do pink and white.)
  3. Fill two piping bags with 1M and 4B piping tips (or pick your favorite piping tips)
  4. Use a piping tip to core the cupcake to create a hole for the sprinkles.
  5. Pour sprinkles in the hole. (Omit Step 5-6 if not doing the sprinkles core)
  6. Cover the cupcake with the cut out top.
  7. Pipe the buttercream on the cupcake using either 1M or 4B.
  8. Repeat the steps until all of the cupcakes are filled with sprinkles and piped with buttercream. Sprinkle the top of each cupcake with your favorite sprinkles.
Valentine's Day Heart Cupcake
Pretty Valentine's Day Cupcake with Sprinkles
Valentine's Day Sprinkles Cupcake
V-Day Sprinkle Cupcake
Valentine's Day Cupcake
Valentine's Day Sprinkles Cupcakes

Simple and easy! These valentine’s cupcakes will make some fun treats or desserts. I will love to see yours if you decide to make some by tagging me on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or comment below!

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