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Embroidered Hearts Cake

Embroidered Heart Cake

Hi everyone! I am back with a fun blog post for Valentine’s Day! I drew inspiration from the conversation hearts candies and used similar colors. I love pastel colors. This would be on an intermediate level because there is more buttercream to work with and piping. I don’t have the best hand strength to work with, but it is doable with some practice! Read on how to make this fun embroidered hearts cake by scrolling down for a supply list, instructions and a couple of short videos.

Embroidered Hearts Cake Tutorial

Embroidered Hearts Cake Tutorial

Tips for Success

Choosing which type buttercream for this cake is really important. You don’t really want to use buttercream that has crusting properties such as American Buttercream because it will be difficult to pipe. I use this easy frosting buttercream because it has smooth properties. Italian or swiss merignue buttercream also works! When piping, it is helpful to knead the piping bag to get the buttercream warm and pilable. It’s the opposite of what you would do if piping buttercream flowers. You want the buttercream to come out easily and less stress on your hand/arm. Rest your elbow on the counter or table to help with piping. Guide your hand with the other hand with the piping. Take breaks as needed. It may take some practice!

Embroidered Hearts Cake Design Supply List

Buttercream Embroidered Hearts
Buttercream piping tips

Embroidered Hearts Cake Design Instructions

  1. Bake a delicious cake recipe using a handheld or stand mixer and pour the cake batter into the 6-inch round cake pans.
  2. Let the cake cool for 10 minutes, then take the cake layers out of the pans.
  3. Cut the top using a serrated knife or a cake lever if there is a significant dome.
  4. Make this buttercream. It is easy to pipe and doesn’t crust over like American buttercream. Set aside some buttercream for the variety of colors.
  5. Color the main buttercream with a few drops of pink.
  6. Color the buttercream you set aside with red, pink, purple, turquoise, and yellow gel food colorings. 1-2 drops will be sufficient. Add one at a time to get the desired color. For red buttercream, it will need time to deepen.
  7. Crumb coat the cake with pink buttercream covering all bare spots using an offset spatula.
  8. Pipe on the second coat of buttercream.
  9. Use the cake comb to smooth the cake. Fill in the holes with buttercream until you get a smooth coat.
  10. Place the cake in the fridge until cold, approximately for 30 minutes.
  11. Individually, fill tipless piping bags with the colors. (see the image above) Cut off the smallest snip as possible. Test it by squeezing the piping bag. If it is too hard to pipe, cut off a little bit more. Continue until you are satisifed with the pressure.
  12. Use a variety of heart cookie cutters to make indentations on the cold buttercream.
  13. Start filling in the heart shapes with the variety of buttercream colors. Outline the shape first then fill in the outline.
  14. Continue filling in the hearts. Take a break if your hand/arm get tired.
  15. Place the cake in the fridge.
  16. Use the remaining buttercream colors to pipe a “line” on a cling wrap. (See the second video). Roll the cling wrap then snip with a scissor. Place it in a large regular piping bag fitted with 1M piping tip.
  17. Begin piping the swirls on the top of the cake.
  18. Place the heart cake decorations on the swirls.
  19. Sprinkle on some sprinkles for the final touch!
Buttercream 1M swirls
Top view of the cake

Short YouTube Videos

How to Make Embroidered Hearts Cake

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