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How To Do Chocolate Transfer Sheets for Oreos

Conversation Hearts Chocolate Covered Oreos

Hi everyone! I am back with a tutorial on how to do chocolate transfer sheets for Oreos! I recently did some for my kids’ birthday party using a gamer theme (see pics below), but I will focus solely on the Valentine’s Oreos I did for my boys. Scroll down to see how to do these fun Oreos with chocolate transfer sheets!

Chocolate Transfer Sheets For Oreos Tutorial

Chocolate Transfer Sheets For Oreos

What are Chocolate Transfer Sheets?

Chocolate transfer sheets are acetate sheets with an edible design printed on one side using an edible printer or specially ordered from online stores. The ink softens when melted chocolate is applied to the sheet. As the chocolate cools and hardens, the transfer pattern “transfers” to the chocolate.

Chocolate Transfer Sheets For Oreos

Oreos Chocolate Transfer Sheets Tips

If this is your first time, please note that the chocolate transfer sheets are extremely fragile! The sheets will start breaking up if handling the sheet is too rough. Use a delicate touch when handling the sheets after they are printed or when cutting them. I tried cutting the sheets with my Cricut Maker. It did not work out because the sheet started breaking up when I tried to peel the sheet off the mat. So cutting will need to be done by hand. Allow the sheet to dry for 15 minutes or longer if in a humid climate after printing, and use food-handling gloves when cutting to avoid smearing the design. Some flecking is expected because they are so delicate. This method certainly takes some trial and error and some patience! Please give yourself some time and practice before doing them for an order or a special occasion.

Be Mine Chocolate Covered Oreo

How To Store Chocolate Covered Oreos

Store the chocolate covered ores in an airtight container at room temperature in a cool and dry place. Avoid direct sunlight!

Be Mine Chocolate Covered Oreo

Chocolate Transfer Oreos Supplies

  • Food-safe plastic Oreo Mold (silicone mold can be used. I have not used it with this method)
  • Compound Chocolates, chocolate melts, or candy Melts (Can be found at your local craft store, Michaels, Joanns, or Walmart)
  • Transfer Sheets (if printing yourself. Use my code CAKEINSPO for a discount) (Do a google search for chocolate transfer sheets if you want to purchase them)
  • Paper2Eat Edible Ink Printer (CAKEINSPO for one-time discount)
  • Your preferred SVG design file
  • Sharp Tweezers (ideal tool for peeling off the plastic)
  • Food Safe Scissors
XOXO Chocolate Covered Oreo

Chocolate Transfer Oreos Instructions

  1. Create a design you want for the Oreos, or purchase a pretty design from Etsy. (I often buy SVGs from Etsy. It is easier for me to do these projects than to create a design from scratch. For this one, I got the SVG from Etsy. I added the text to the hearts and resized them in Adobe Photoshop) SKIP this step to step 7 if you are not printing.
  2. Ensure that each image is less than 2 inches so the design can fit in the mold cavities. I resized all of the images in Adobe Photoshop.
  3. MIRROR or FLIP the image (horizontally or vertically). Do not skip this step! You want the sayings to be correct after applying the chocolate because the image will be placed face-down.
  4. Do a test print using regular paper before using the edible printer (to save the ink).
  5. Print using the transfer sheet with the edible printer if you’re satisfied with the results from the test run.
  6. Let the transfer dry for 15 minutes or more in a humid climate.
  7. Wear food-handling gloves when cutting the images out to avoid smearing or scratching the transfer sheet.
  8. Place the image with the plastic backing face down in the bottom of the mold (the saying should be backward when facing up)
  9. Melt chocolate in a microwave safe bowl and heat up to 30 seconds. Heat again for 15 second intervals until all is melted.
  10. Pour white chocolate into the cavity of the oreo cookie chocolate mold.
  11. Gently tap to spread the chocolate to cover the image and eliminate air bubbles.
  12. Place Oreos in the cavities.
  13. Cover with a dollop of melted chocolate and scrape off any excess from the edges of the mold.
  14. Place in the fridge for 10 minutes.
  15. Flip to pop them out.
  16. Peel off the plastic from the chocolate-covered Oreos.
  17. Clean up the sides a little bit by using a sharp knife.
  18. Voila! Enjoy these delicious oreo cookies!
Hug Me Chocolate Covered Oreo

Chocolate Transfer Oreos Video

With this chocolate transfer sheets for Oreos method, you can create endless beautiful chocolate covered Oreos! These Oreos will be perfect for birthday party favors, baby showers, dessert tables, and many more. The best part is that you can fully customize these as well!

Conversation Hearts Oreos

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