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How To Make a Cute Father’s Day Cake

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Cute Father's Day Cake

Father’s Day is coming up, and what better way to show your dad how much you care than by baking him a homemade cake he’ll never forget? In this blog post, we’ll share some tips and tricks to help you create a cute Father’s Day cake that’s delicious and creative with your decorating skills. Read on to create the best Father’s day cake for this special occasion!

My dad has a huge sweet tooth, so I created this 8 inch cake for Dad last year; it was a family hit! How can you resist a fun mustache cake? It was three rich chocolate cake layers covered with Italian Meringue buttercream. My absolute favorite buttercream (when I don’t have to make multiple colors). For this cake, you can use American, Swiss, or mock Swiss buttercream, filling options such as cream cheese frosting, white chocolate buttercream, and many more. I used this chocolate cake recipe for the cake.

Would you instead opt for video tutorials instead of step-by-step instructions? We’ve covered you with a comprehensive video tutorial that guides you through creating a Father’s Day Mustache Cake.

How to Make a Cute Father’s Day Cake Step by Step

Materials Needed

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1: Start with a cold white cake with your preferred buttercream.

Dad Cake

Step 2: Lightly press the cake with a large cookie cutter. (See video below)

Dad Mustache Cake

Step 3: Set aside a small portion of buttercream for the black or gray color. Dye the larger buttercream with a few drops of navy blue gel food coloring (add more if you want a darker shade), and dye the small portion of buttercream with a few drops of black to create a gray tint. Add more if you want more black.

Step 4: Fill a piping bag with a coupler since you will use the same color (royal blue) for all of the three tips (#4, #16, and #21)

Step 5: Fill a piping bag with #12 with black or gray buttercream for the mustache. No coupler is needed since it will be used once.

Step 6: Using the piping bag with #16, start tracing the heart outline and pipe. (As seen in the video below)

Father's Day Sprinkles Cake

Step 7: Switch the piping tip to #4 and Freehand the “DAD” on the cake. You can practice on parchment paper before you start piping.

Step 8: Use a piping bag with a #12 tip and freehand pipe the mustache.

Step 9: Switch to #21 and start piping a bottom border.

Step 10: Place the cake back in the fridge while you make the ganache.

Step 11: Put 3oz of royal blue melts into a microwave-safe bowl and add 1oz of heavy cream. Microwave for 30 seconds. Stir and microwave for 15 more seconds until it is melted. Do not overheat the chocolate, or it will burn. Let it sit for 5 minutes.

Step 12: Pour some ganache on the top of the cake paying attention to the edges to ensure it won’t overspill. Spread with a small offset spatula. See example here. (but do not spread the ganache over the cake unless you also want the look)

Step 13: Scoop up a small amount of ganache with a small spoon. Starting at the back of the cake, pour for a few seconds (count in your head) and continue to turn the cake while you drip the ganache. When you reach the front of the cake, pour for 1 second (so the drip won’t go over the heart.

Step 14: Use the piping bag fitted with #21 to pipe the top border.

Step 15: Spread some sprinkles on the top of the cake.

Father's Day Mustache Cake

With these tips, you’ll be well on your way to creating a Father’s Day cake for a loved one’s special day. It’s perfect for a Father’s Day dinner!

How to Make a Father’s Day Cake Instruction Video

You can find more video tutorials on our Youtube Channel

How To Make a Dad Mustache Cake
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