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How to Make An Easter Nest Cake

Easter Nest Cake

Hi friends! I created this adorable Easter nest cake with a chocolate nest mold and mini chocolate eggs, incorporating one of the most loved Easter cake trends, robin’s egg cake. Click here for the original robin’s egg cake tutorial. Scroll down for a material list, instructions, and a short video below for a beautiful easter egg nest cake. For more Easter cake inspiration, click here. It’s a perfect addition to an Easter dessert table!

Easter Nest Cake Tutorial

Easter Nest Cake

Easter Nest Cake Supply Guide

Top View of Easter Nest Cake

Chocolate Nests Instructions

  1. Fill the mold with some melted chocolate (compound chocolate only).
  2. Let it firm up for about 15-20 minutes at room temperature. Place in the fridge for a quicker process.
  3. Peel the nest out of the mold.
  4. Brush some gold edible glitter on the chocolate nest to give it a sparkle.
  5. Put in some cut-up edible grass and chocolate Easter eggs. Squeeze a tiny amount of chocolate on the bottom of the nest if you need them to adhere.

Quick Instagram Reel Video

Chocolate Easter Nest

Easter Nest Cake Instructions

  1. Bake your favorite recipe using a stand mixer and pour the cake batter into the 6-inch cake pans.
  2. Let the cake cool for 10 minutes, then take the cake layers out of the pans.
  3. Cut the top using a serrated knife or a cake lever if there is a significant dome.
  4. Make your favorite buttercream. I like to use Sugar Geek Show’s Easy Frosting or Italian Meringue Buttercream.
  5. Tint the buttercream using the turquoise food gel coloring.
  6. Crumb coat the cake with buttercream covering all bare spots using an offset spatula.
  7. Put it in the fridge for 10 minutes.
  8. Fill a disposable bag with the buttercream.
  9. Pipe from the bottom to the top and top of the cake.
  10. Use the cake comb to smooth the cake. Fill in the holes with buttercream until you get a smooth coat.
  11. Heat the comb for the final step of smoothing.
  12. Place the cake in the fridge until the cake is cold to the touch.
  13. Drop a bit of brown gel food coloring on a plate and dilute it with a tiny drop of vodka or water. Mix it with the paintbrush.
  14. Flick the paintbrush with your finger and work your way around the cake. I recommend using a glove for this step, or your fingers will be stained for a day.
  15. Apply the Easter sprinkles to the sides of the cake at the bottom. If you have trouble sticking them, let the cake warm up slightly but not too warm.
  16. Mix 3oz of hot pink chocolate melts with 1oz of heavy cream in a small bowl and microwave for 30 seconds, then 15 seconds to melt it. (I used Fancy Sprinkles chocolate pouch. I heated it up for just enough to get the 3oz chocolate out into a bowl.)
  17. Use a spoon or a tipless piping bag to apply the drips around the cake.
  18. Place it back in the fridge to let the chocolate firm up before placing the chocolate nest on top center of the cake.
  19. Place Cadbury mini eggs or any other candy eggs on the top of the cake.
  20. Place some edible grass along with some Easter sprinkles.
  21. Enjoy your Easter Nest Cake!
Top View of Chocolate Nest
Side View of Chocolate Easter Nest
Drip Cake with Chocolate Nest

Thanks so much for reading along. If you make your own cute Easter cake creations, I’d love to see them! (Tag me on Instagram or Pinterest!)

How To Make Easter Nest Cake

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