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How To Make An Exorcist Cake

Hi friends! I’m back with a quick write-up on how to make an exorcist cake before Halloween ends. I’ve got two exorcist cakes, actually, but I’ll go into detail about how I made my recent exorcist cake. These cakes will be perfect for an Exorcist fan or a Scary Movie Halloween party!

Exorcist cake

I did this exorcist cake below two years ago and it was so much fun to do!

creepy exorcist cake

I made this cake (shared on my Halloween cake inspiration post two years ago) for a horror cake challenge, and I must say that it was a blast making this cake! I selected The Exorcist for my cake. When I think of the cake, I think of that gross vomit by Linda Blair, so I wanted to incorporate that in my cake! I looked for a picture of Linda Blair online and finally found one to purchase on Etsy. I went to Krogers and had the image printed. Their printer did not print fully black, so I had to color in the black areas with an edible black pen. I used Wilton black candy melt to create sprinkle barks with Halloween sprinkles. I used white chocolate ganache colored with 1-2 drops of Chefmaster neon green and yellow for the pea-green drip.

Exorcist Cake Tutorial

I wanted to recreate it but in a feminine spin. I used Linda Blair’s pajamas as inspiration for the cake.

Exorcist cake with green vomit

Exorcist Cake Supplies

  • Cake
  • Buttercream
  • Sweet Tooth Fairy Cake Drip (found at Michael’s) or (do your own using 4:1 ratio of white baking chips such as Ghiradelli and heavy cream i.e. 4oz white baking chips to 1oz heavy cream and mix in gel colors (see above to get the pea green color)
  • Edible Image (Also known as icing sheets. Find a local cake store to print or use your own edible printer)
  • Gel Colors in Wilton Color Right Pink
  • Disposable Piping Bags
  • 103 Petal Tip (Bottom and Top of the cake)
  • 21# Tip
  • Cake Scraper 
  • Sprinkles 
Top of the Exorcist Cake

Instructions on How to Do A Exorcist Cake

Scroll down for a quick video. I will have a full video up by next Halloween!

  1. Cover your cake with the main color by piping around the cake.
  2. Smooth the cake with a scraper.
  3. Put the cake in the fridge for 30 minutes.
  4. Apply the edible image.
  5. Pipe with the 103 petal tip on the bottom first.
  6. Pipe with 21# tip top of the petals.
  7. Do the cake drip.
  8. Repeat the piping process on the top.
  9. Voila!
Close up of Exorcist Cake
How to Make An Exorcist Cake
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I hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial! Please tag me on my Instagram if you make an Exorcist cake or comment below what you think of the cake!

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