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How To Make Cute Buttercream Pumpkins

How to Make Cute Buttercream Pumpkins

Hi friends! Are you glad that the fall season is around the corner? We have maybe a few weeks left of summer weather before we get our first real cool front! Today, I’ll be sharing how to make fun buttercream pumpkins using a 1M Wilton piping tip. It is super easy! I saw this cake technique on Cake by Courtney and Baking Butterly Love websites and I also shared buttercream pumpkin cake inspiration last year. Read on for a list of supplies, instructions, and a video on how to make buttercream pumpkins. I hope you enjoy it!

Buttercream Pumpkins Tutorial

Buttercream Pumpkins Tutorial

Materials Needed To Make Buttercream Pumpkins


Scroll down for the video.

  1. Cover your cake with the main color
  2. Smooth the cake with a scraper
  3. Mix a small amount of gold luster dust with a bit of vodka and make sure there is enough liquid
  4. Dip the brush and flick the brush towards the cake
  5. Separate the remaining buttercream in three bowls (for three colors) and for the vine and stem colors (green and brown). You do not need a lot of buttercream for vine and stems.
  6. Mix them with the desired colors and fill the piping bags with the 1M tips
  7. Pipe upwards in three strokes (try to do it in a pumpkin shape)
  8. Pipe a stem in an upcurved motion using the piping tip #18 with brown buttercream
  9. Pipe the vines using the piping tip #4 with green buttercream
  10. Repeat with other pumpkin colors
  11. For the border, use a 1M piping tip, pipe a short and small buttercream in a horizontal way. Overlap the previous buttercream with alternate colors.
  12. Add sprinkles on the top if desired.
Harvest Pumpkin Cake
Harvest Pumpkin Top VIew
Buttercream Pumpkin Cake
Harvest Pumpkin Cakes
1M Buttercream Pumpkin Cake
Close Up of Buttercream Pumpkins
Side View of Buttercream Pumpkins

Thanks so much for following along! I hope this tutorial was clear and easy to understand. I apologize for the black background in the video. I forgot to film in the landscape with my iPhone. I usually film with my DSLR camera. Until the next time! Please let me know if you have any questions or comments!

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    1. I was playing around with the colors using pink, red, blue, and crimson with the majority of the pink as the base. I added several drops of red, blue, and crimson and let the buttercream develop. It isn’t really an exact color recipe, though. You’d have to experiment with the colors. Also, there is burgundy by several companies such as chefmaster or colour mill. Thank you for visiting!

  1. Do you have the butter cream recipe? My butter cream pumpkins started to slide off a little bit, or any tips on how to prevent this? I love the design so much, I’m using it for my baby shower

    1. Hi Tara! I am thrilled that you love this design! I either use the American buttercream from Chelsweet or easy buttercream frosting from Sugar Geek Show. It sounds like your buttercream may be too soft.

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