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How to Make Glittery Chocolate Lips

Glittery Lip Chocolates

Hi everyone! I wanted to share this fun and glamorous tutorial on how to make glittery chocolate lips for your Valentine’s Day desserts. I love glitter on pretty much everything, so I had to make some glitter chocolates for Valentine’s Day!

Chocolate Lips Tutorial

chocolate lips

Supplies Needed to Make Lip Chocolates

Edible Glitters used: Rose Quartz Pink Prism Powder Champagne Gold Prism Powder

What is Edible Glitter?

Edible glitter means it is okay to use it on your desserts or food. Any craft or store-bought glitter is NOT edible. I can’t stress enough that you cannot just go to Michaels or Hobby Lobby and buy glitter unless they specifically are edible as stated on the package in the cake decorating aisles. It would be best to buy edible glitters from companies that produce edible products.

What is Compound Chocolate?

Compound chocolate is made of cocoa powder and vegetable fats such as vegetable oil, palm kernel oil, or coconut oil. Compound chocolate is also called confectionery chocolates, and coating chocolate and looks and tastes like chocolate. It is best for candy making, dipping, molding, and such because it doesn’t require tempering. Pure chocolate requires tempering, so if you were to use pure chocolates for this tutorial, you would need to temper, or you’ll have chocolate that won’t harden.

Instructions For Chocolate Lips

  1. See the recipe card below.
Chocolate Lip Mold
Prism Powder
Glittery Lip Chocolates
Glitter on Chocolate Lips
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How to Make Glittery Chocolate Lips

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How to make chocolate lips with compound chocolates and edible glitter.



6oz pink compound chocolate

6oz red compound chocolate

Edible Glitter


1. Melt the chocolates in 15 intervals until completely melted.

2. Pour the chocolates into the mold ensuring you completely fill the cavity. 

3. Scrap off with the offset spatula or a scraper once you fill all of the cavities. Scrap the remaining chocolate back into their respective colors.

4. Put in the fridge for 5-10 minutes.

5. Flip over the mold and bend the mold slightly to release the chocolate lips.

6. Dip a sponge stippler in the edible glitter.

7. Tap the brush on the lip until you are satisfied with the glitter.

  • Author: Diana
Pink Glitter Chocolate Lips

This was so much fun to make. You literally can use these glittery lip chocolates on anything! Cakes, cupcakes, cakesicles, and any desserts. It definitely is not limited to Valentine’s Day. I will love to see how you use yours if you decide to make some by tagging me on InstagramFacebookPinterest, or comment below! Pin the graphic below to your Pinterest.

How To Make Glittery Chocolate Lips

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