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How to Make Halloween Macarons

How to Make Halloween Macarons

Hi everyone! I am so thrilled to be partnering with Wilton for a Halloween blog post this year. I am a frequent user when it comes to their products. In fact, they were the first products I used when I started cake decorating over 5 years ago! I am excited to be sharing how to decorate macarons ranging from jack’s face macarons to bloody eyeball macarons using Wilton products for Halloween. They are a must for your baking Halloween season! Also, they are great for a budding macaron baker!

For the decorating blog purposes, I will only be focusing on how to decorate the Halloween macarons. For this post, I used classic French macarons, and there are a ton of tutorials online to make perfect macarons. I am happy to answer in the comments if you have any macaron-related questions. Let’s get started with decorating!

Disclaimer: I was compensated by Wilton for this project and all of my images & opinions are my own.

Halloween Macarons Tutorial

Halloween Macarons Tutorial

Supplies Needed For Halloween Macarons

These Wilton products made decorating a breeze! The icing decorations and the edible markers are a perfect way to create wow-worthy treats, even when working with a more challenging dessert-like macaron.

How to Make Colored Halloween Macarons

The instructions below are only as a guide for mixing the colors because every macaron batter is different. You have to be mindful of how much gel coloring you use because it can affect the batter and make them too runny. Squeeze all of the drops at once, so that way there is less macaronage process needed. The Wilton Color Right System icing colors are concentrated, so you do not need to use a lot of coloring. Use your best judgment. Use more different colors if desired.

  • Orange Macarons: I used 6-7 drops of orange food coloring.
  • Purple Macarons: I used 3 drops of pink, 4 drops of blue, and 2 drops of red.
  • Green Macarons: I used 3-4 drops of yellow and 2-3 drops of blue.
  • Black Macarons: I highly recommend using a chocolate macaron recipe for black macarons, so fewer drops are needed. Otherwise, you will need 10-15 drops of black for non-chocolate macarons.
  • Brown Macarons: 6 drops of brown.
  1. Squeeze some of the gel color into the batter except for white macaron batter.

2. Do the macaronage in a large bowl using Wilton’s cute rubber spatula. Scrape all of the sides of the bowl.

3. Pipe the macaron shells on prepared baking sheets (I use silicone baking sheets) Make sure to bang the pan against the counter to get rid of air bubbles.

4. Bake the macaron shells.

How To Make Pumpkin Face Macarons

  1. Use the edible pen to draw faces on the macaron shell.

2. Press gently so you don’t break the shell.
3. Fill with colored buttercream using a round tip (#2).

Pumpkin Face Macarons

How to Make Halloween Macarons With Different Piping Tips and Sprinkles

Halloween Macarons with Different Piping Tips
  1. Mix a few batches with buttercream (1 cup of buttercream for each color) with black, green, orange, and purple gel coMix a few batches with buttercream (1 cup of buttercream for each color) with black, green, orange, and purple gel food coloring. Use the above guide to make the exact colors of green and purple but use fewer drops. You can also use the official guide that came with the box for any other colors. Fill the piping bag with each buttercream color.

2. Pipe a mound in the middle.
3. Pipe buttercream on the macaron shell with different piping tips.

Halloween Buttercream Macaron

4. Close with a macaron shell gently, so you don’t squeeze the buttercream out of the shells.

4. Use a variety of the Halloween sprinkles from the 6 cell sprinkle product for the macarons.

Halloween Macarons with Sprinkles
Halloween Macarons
Halloween Sprinkle Macarons

How to Make Bloody Eyeballs Macarons

  1. Bake a batch of white macarons.
  2. Squeeze one drop of the red gel coloring into a small bowl.
  3. Dip a thin brush in the gel coloring.
  4. Start painting the eyeball veins.
Painting Bloody Eyeball Macaron

5. Pipe a bit of buttercream on top of the macaron shell.
6. Adhere the eyeball to the macaron.

Bloody Macaron Eyeball
Bloody Eyeball Macarons

How to Make Zombie Hand Macarons

Zombie Macarons
  1. Make a batch of brown macarons and fill them with buttercream or dark chocolate ganache.
  2. Pipe a few mounds of the brown buttercream on the top of the macaron.
  3. Press the zombie hands gently into the buttercream.
Zombie Hand Macaron

4. Add the brown sprinkles.

Zombie Macaron

5. Put them in the refrigerator to firm the buttercream so the zombie hands will stay put.

Zombie Hand Macarons

Here is a quick video tutorial on all of the decorating techniques.

Bloody eyeball, pumpkin face, zombie hand, and halloween macarons
Sad Jack's Face Macaron

Put all of the Halloween macarons in an airtight container to put in the fridge. They also can be covered with plastic wrap if you want to freeze them and put them in an airtight container as well.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to decorate Halloween macarons for your upcoming Halloween party. I had so much fun doing these Halloween macarons! If you create any of these fun Halloween designs, please comment or tag me on Instagram and check out the rest of my tutorials here. I’d love to see it! For more Halloween decorating ideas, check out Wilton!

What should I make for the next spooky season? Mummy macarons? Ghost Macarons?

How To Make Halloween Macarons

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