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How to Make Pretty Cakesicles

How to Make Pretty Cakesicles (Cake Pops)
Pretty Cakesicles

Hi everyone! I’m here with a quick tutorial on cakesicles and a supply list. Are you familiar with what they are? They are kind of similar to cake pops, but you use a mold to create the cakesicles using cake scraps mixed with buttercream and coating chocolate. The supply list, instructions, and a short time-lapse video are below.

Fun Cakesicles (Cake Pops) Tutorial

Flat Lay Swirled Cakesicles


Close up of White Cakesicle
Close Up of White Cakesicle with Sprinkles


  1. Mix cake scraps with some buttercream. Usually, a small bit will do it. Stop when the mix is not dry anymore.
  2. Melt the chocolate following the instructions. I usually melt at 30-second intervals until it is melted.
  3. Apply the first chocolate color to the mold cavities if using two different colors as pictured. If not, just apply to the entire mold cavities.
  4. Put the mold in the fridge to harden the chocolate quickly for a few minutes to 5 minutes.
  5. Apply the second chocolate color (if applicable).
  6. Put the mold in the fridge.
  7. Reapply both colors, especially on the sides.
  8. Put it back in the fridge.
  9. Make a small ball of the cake mix (approx 1 TBSP) and put them in the mold cavities, and flatten them.
  10. Slowly insert the sticks. It works better when chocolate hasn’t had time to set.
  11. Cover the cake mix with chocolate.
  12. Scrape off the excess chocolate paying attention to the edges.
  13. Put the mold in the fridge for the last time.
  14. Once the chocolate is firm, the cakesicles are ready to be popped out. Gently pop them out.
  15. Add sprinkles if desired. I used a kitchen blowtorch for sprinkles to stick better. (Saw this tip on Instagram!)
  16. Enjoy!
Two Gorgeous White and Pink Cakesicles
Beautiful Pink Cakesicle with Sprinkles

I hope that you will give this a try! Please drop a comment below or tag me on @findyourcakeinspiration. I’d love to see your creation! NOTE: I did not create this technique and I’ve learned by watching tutorials! 🙂

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  1. Lindo o seu trabalho.
    Quero muito saber onde compro os palitos e o molde.
    Um grande abraço.
    Sou do Brazil

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