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How to Make Spring Blooms Cakesicles

Spring Blooms Cakesicles

Hi friends! I am so glad that spring is coming (technically, it is already here because it’s in the 70s all week) because we just had an arctic blast last week. Too cold! I originally created them for Fancy Sprinkles’ spring campaign on Instagram (I am one of their ambassadors), so I thought I’d do a full write-up on how to make cakesicles using cakesicle mold, sprinkles and fondant flowers. I filled them with edible cookie dough this time. They are perfect for a tea party, and spring-themed party, and Easter! The supply list, instructions, and a short time-lapse video are below.

Spring Blooms Cakesicles (Cake Pops) Tutorial

Spring Blooms Cakesicles Flatlay

What are cakesicles?

They are similar to cake pops, but you use a mold to create the cakesicles using cake scraps mixed with buttercream (or anything you want, such as edible cookie dough, mousse, and more) coating chocolate and sticks. I love doing cakesicles because there are endless options for the molds, designs, etc.! Check out my previous tutorial on another design.

Supplies Needed To Create Spring Blooms Cakesicles

  • Edible Cookie Dough (I used a recipe from Hello, Cookie Dough cookbook)
  • White Coating Chocolate (I used Guittard Coating Chocolate. It tastes so much better than Wilton Candy Melts but you can use them as well. I just prefer Guittard.)
  • Oil-based coloring (I used Colour Mill in Baby Pink. Chefmaster and Wilton also has oil-based coloring but Colour Mill works so much better.)
  • Tango Silicone Mold (If it’s sold out on Amazon, Here’s a link from Etsy for the same mold.
  • Cakesicles Sticks (the wooden sticks usually come with the mold. In this post, I used reusable acrylic cakesicle sticks from Occasional Papercuts which gives the cakesicles more refined look.
  • Flower Mold
  • Fondant for the flowers (I usually buy the small packages from Hobby Lobby because I don’t use a lot of fondant. )
  • Prism Powder (Optional: to make glittery flowers. Same code below for a discount)
  • Small Rubber Spatula (I love mine from Wilton. It’s perfect for applying chocolate in the cakesicle mold.)
  • Small Offset Spatula
  • Sprinkles  (I used Fancy Sprinkles “Let It Be” sprinkle blend. Use CAKEINSPO15 for a 15% discount for any order!)
  • Optional: Photo Styling (for bloggers and cake creators). I purchased these fantastic party confetti from Festive Fetti.


Spring Blooms Cakesicle close up
  1. Make edible dough as instructed in the recipe of your choosing.
  2. Make fondant flowers using the flower mold. Let them harden a little bit and brush them with edible glitter.
  3. Melt chocolates for 30 seconds. Stir. Melt at 15-second intervals until it is all melted. You do not want it to be too hot because it can become stiff.
  4. Apply a drop of the baby pink (or your choice) oil-based coloring to the melted chocolate (if using Guittard or any compound chocolates)
  5. Spread chocolate in the cakesicle mold cavities using a small rubber spatula like this. Don’t use too much or you will have an uneven ratio of chocolate and edible cookie dough.
  6. Tap and angle the mold to get the chocolate to cover all of the cavities.
  7. Put the mold in the fridge to harden the chocolate quickly for a few minutes to 5 minutes.
  8. Reapply to the sides of the cavitity especially the thin coat areas. You want to make sure there are no empty or bald spots.
  9. Put it back in the fridge.
  10. Make a small ball of the edible cookie dough (approx 1 TBSP) and put them in the mold cavities, and flatten them. Leave a small empty by the insert.
  11. Slowly insert the cakesicle sticks. It works better when chocolate is not fully set and hard.
  12. Cover the edible cookie dough with chocolate.
  13. Scrap off the excess chocolate paying attention to the edges.
  14. Put the mold in the fridge for the last time.
  15. Once the chocolate is firm, the cakesicles are ready to be popped out. Gently pop them out.
  16. Use a kitchen blowtorch to slightly melt the chocolate so the sprinkles will stick better. (Saw this tip on Instagram!)
  17. Enjoy!

Let me know what you think of the spring blooms cakesicles! Please drop a comment below or tag me on @findyourcakeinspiration if you create these. I’d love to see your cakesicles! 

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