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January Cake Decorator Spotlight

9 Fun Cake Ideas


For the January’s Cake Decorator Spotlight, I’m bringing you Clare from Cflenna! She has a lot of creative & unique cakes on her Instagram along with cake video tutorials! She is your person if you want to learn how to do buttercream stripes! She is a pro! Read on for the interview.

How did you get your cake decorating journey started?

I have always loved baking and decorating. My mom is a great baker and would make us awesome cakes for our birthdays growing up. She would let me help and I loved it! I’ve been baking ever since.

What is your favorite thing about decorating a cake?

My favorite thing about decorating a cake is seeing people’s reaction when they see the finished product. Especially kids!

I’m always impressed by your perfect buttercream stripes. Can you share a tip on how to get perfect stripes?

Stripes are definitely tricky and took me awhile before I really felt like I mastered them. From my experience, there are two main things you need to do to ensure a perfect stripe. One, make sure there are no gaps or holes in your first stripe color. Two, let the first layer sit in the fridge for 15-20 mins before adding the second color so they don’t mix together. 

Do you have a cake decorating tool that you can’t live without? 

Definitely a bench scraper to get those smooth sides!

Can you share pros and cons of making a cake decorating video for anyone who is thinking about making cake videos? 

Videos are super fun for me to make! I love having people be able to see the process of the whole cake coming together. Finding an app you like to piece together videos, speed them up and edit is key! Videos take trial and error just like cake decorating! 

Do you have a cake decorating goal that you are hoping to accomplish in 2020?

To start my own trend. 🤪

What cake trend do you think will be popular in 2020?

I think stripes, sprinkles and drips will stick around in 2020. A new trend I think will become more popular is stenciling! I’ve seen it starting to show up more and I’m loving it!

What do you enjoy doing besides making cakes?

I love health and fitness. I’m actually a personal trainer and own a healthy meal prep company.

Is there a favorite cake flavor?

Does cheesecake count as a cake flavor?! I’m shockingly not an actual cake fan!

My Work

Starbucks Cake

Starbucks Cake

Tis the season for Starbucks red cups. Anyone that knows me at all knows my love for Starbucks. I even have a Starbucks themed Christmas tree. This is a chocolate cake filled with chocolate peppermint buttercream and chunks of chocolate peppermint Oreos.

Lollipops & Candy Cake

Lollipops & Candy Cake

Starting your week off with some fun colors and candy on this cake!

Pretty Striped Cake

Pretty Striped Cake

Hoping this stripe trend stays for awhile. This is a five layers of carrot cake filled with almond cream cheese buttercream.

Pumpkin Birthday Cake

Pumpkin Birthday Cake

I love when I’m given design freedom on cakes. The theme for the party was pumpkins. The cake is a moist pumpkin spice cake filled with cream cheese buttercream.

Purple Halloween Cake

Purple Halloween Cake

Black and purple is my favorite Halloween color combo. I just cut out a thin piece of fondant in a skull shape, spread some black buttercream on top , pressed it in the sprinkle mix and viola!

Springtime Cake

Springtime Cake

It was my first time doing a painted palette knife cake and I’m so happy with how it turned out! This was my mom’s birthday cake. Per her request, she got a five layers of almond cake filled with penuche pecan filling and all covered in an almond American butter cream.

Summer Ice Cream Cake

Summer Ice Cream Cake

Nothing screams summer more than ice cream. This is a six layers of strawberry cake filled with strawberry jam and strawberry buttercream.

Trick or Treat Cake

Trick Or Treat Cake

Valentine’s Day Cake

Valentine's Day Cake

I’m loving the glitter cherry trend right now.

Thank you so much, Clare, for telling us a little bit about yourself and sharing your fun creations.

Be sure to visit her Instagram for cake inspiration and cake videos!

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