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July Cake Decorator Spotlight

Find Your Cake Inspiration July Cake Decorator Spotlight | www.findyourcakeinspiration.com

Jo’s Cakes

I am so delighted to present @joscakes_ for July’s Cake Decorator Spotlight! Johany is an amazing cake decorator from Chicago, IL, and creates the most FUN cakesicles you’ve ever seen!

Hi Johany! Tell us about yourself. How did you start making cakes?

Hi everyone! My mom was a baker and owned a bakery in Guatemala.  Once she moved to Chicago, she worked at a hospital full time and baked for all the doctors. Her specialty was bread rolls and dessert cakes.  She was so busy, that my dad had to start helping her.  At age 6, I started watching her and was naturally interested.  I have 2 other sisters and a brother, no one wanted to learn, they were more interested in eating her amazing bread rolls. When my mom saw that I was not leaving the kitchen and continuing to ask a million questions, she started making me grease muffin tins and rolling dough! By the time I was 18, I was baking cakes for my family & friends.  At 21, I really didn’t know what I wanted to do, I was majoring in Psychology and working full time at a hospital.  It wasn’t until I had my 2 kids when I started baking again and realizing that baking & decorating was what truly made me happy.  Now, I can’t imagine myself doing anything else. 

Do you have a preferred buttercream?

I absolutely love Swiss Meringue Buttercream.

You make the most amazing cakesicles! How did you get into making cakesicles? 

In 2017, I began this journey to perfect my cakepop skills and I took so many classes from the best of the best.   Along this journey making these “balls of hell” and still getting frustrated, I just wasn’t enjoying it.  One day scrolling through Instagram, I found a picture of a cakesicle that someone from Australia made, I fell in love! I taught myself to make them & perfected the biggest issue everyone has, which is cracks.  I now teach Cakesicle Classes! 

What do you love about making cakes and cakesicles? Are they any different?

I love making both, but cakes will always be my passion.  However, cakesicles are my new obsession right now.  They are just so simple to make and in such high demand.  I don’t have to worry about stacking or transporting cakesicles.  Cakesicles are just so stress-free! 

What are the most unlikely places that you look for cake inspiration?

Believe it or not, all my ideas come at night when I’m in bed. I can see anything from Pinterest, fashion, a random picture on Instagram, even music videos.  I just get the visions of what I want to try, and start creating. 

Do you have a cake/cakesicles style? What are the must-haves for your creations?

Bright colors, sprinkles, & glitter that’s all I need for my cakes/cakesicles

Do you have any favorite tools in your cake decorating kit?

My absolute favorite tools are the ProFroster to get quick & sharp edges, an Exacto knife for all my fondant detailing, a mini blow torch to adhere my decorations, and sprinkles on my Cakesicles. 

Do you have any advice for someone who is starting out in the cake industry business?

Absolutely stick to your OWN style! Don’t copy someone else’s style to just fit in or get followers.  Find your own style, it’s so rewarding and you’ll be so surprised of hidden talents you may have.  Challenge yourself to try techniques that you never tried before.  Have fun in what you are doing, if it’s not fun, don’t do it. 

Do you have a favorite activity to unwind and relax?

I love music and traveling. I listen to music when I’m stressed. When I feel like life is just getting overwhelming, my husband and I will go somewhere for the weekend. 

Creations I’ve Made

Bee & Honeycomb Cakesicles

Bee & Honeycomb Cakesicles by @joscakes_ | www.findyourcakeinspiration.com

I used bubble wrap for the honeycomb decorations, acrylic sticks, and sprinkles for the cakesicles. This has been shared countless times by other accounts on Instagram!

Mermaid Cakesicles

Mermaid Cakesicles by @joscakes_ | www.findyourcakeinspiration.com

I used Wilton’s Sea Life fondant mold to create these molds.

Selena Cakesicles

Selena Cakesicles by @joscakes_ | www.findyourcakeinspiration.com

Every year I’ve always made a cake in memory of Selena’s Birthday. This year it was Cakesicles! Selena was such a role model to me growing up, such a great example to look up to. 

4th of July Gelatin Cakesicles

4th of July Gelatin Cakesicles by @joscakes_ | www.findyourcakeinspiration.com

I made these strawberry & blueberry vodka infused Gelatin Cakesicles! ⁣

Cinco De Mayo Cakesicles

Cinco De Mayo Cakesicles by @joscakes_ | www.findyourcakeinspiration.com

Although I’m not Mexican, my husband & kids are. So I felt I needed to represent what we love the most about the Mexican culture! 

In my set: Mariachi suit: representing my love for mariachi music. All handmade using black fondant. Mexican Flag: “Viva Mexico” made with red & green jimmies. Serape: Absolutely love serapes and the bright colors, you see these all over Mexico. I used edible markers for vibrant colors. Chips & Avocado: What’s Cinco de Mayo fiesta without chips & guacamole? Cazadores Tequila: I actually hate tequila but this is my husband’s favorite. I made this cakesicle upside down & used the popsicle stick as the neck of the bottle.

Pink & Gold Cakesicles

Pink & Gold Cakesicles by @joscakes_ | www.findyourcakeinspiration.com

These are the “Golden Birthday” Cakesicles and the flavor is strawberry cheesecake.

Foodie Cake

Foodie Cake by @joscakes_ | www.findyourcakeinspiration.com

In a world that I wouldn’t die of a heart attack if I topped my favorite chocolate cake recipe with everything, I love to eat…I would totally do it!

Birthday Patron Cake

Birthday Patron Cake by @joscakes_ | www.findyourcakeinspiration.com

This is a 21st Birthday Patron Cake and everything is all edible! The flavor is vanilla cake with strawberry filling.

Purple Cake Cakesicle

Purple Cake Cakesicles by @joscakes_ | www.findyourcakeinspiration.com

The whole popsicle top is banana cake with cream cheese buttercream! ⁣(How cute is this?)

Spider-Man Birthday Cake

Spider-Man Birthday Cake by @joscakes_ | www.findyourcakeinspiration.com

Well after a full year of watching Sugar Geek Show & Avalon Cakes tutorials, I finally had the courage to make this Spider-Man cake inspired. It definitely wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be, but I am definitely proud of getting out of my comfort zone. As most of you know I tend to stay away from wedding cakes or any huge celebration cakes, it’s just not my style. However, my style has always been fun nostalgic cakes! 

Nintendo Birthday Cake

Nintendo Birthday Cake by @joscakes_ | www.findyourcakeinspiration.com

This was the 30th birthday Nintendo vanilla cake with mixed berry reduction and cream cheese filling!

Burger & Fries Cake

Burger & Fries Cake by @joscakes_ | www.findyourcakeinspiration.com

This is one of my favorite cakes I’ve done! It’s all edible. The french fries are cookies and ketchup & mustard is buttercream!

Thank you, Johany, for sharing your amazing creations! I JUST love the burger and fries. They look so REAL!

Follow @joscakes_ for more fun inspiration on cakesicles and more!

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  1. I need to get a hold of the person that made the bee cakesicles. A girl is using the picture as her own and duped me. I thought they were hers and I got a cake and cakesicles from her and it was horrible. My son’s birthday cake was ruined the day before his birthday which is tomorrow. I just want her to know that she’s stealing her ideas.

    1. I am so sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, there are people out there who pretend other work is theirs. You can reach the baker who made the bee cakesicles on her Instagram (I’ve linked on the top of the post).

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