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March Cake Decorator Spotlight

10 Creative & Colorful Cakes by Wild Child Cakes
Kendra (Wild Child Cakes)

Wild Child Cakes

For March, I’m introducing Kendra @wildchildcakes from Australia. She has the most colorful and ingenious cakes with cool techniques that I’ve seen. Just do yourself a favor and check out her amazing Instagram feed! You won’t be disappointed. Firstly, read on to learn a little bit more about Kendra! (Side Note, her responses are in Australian English)

How did you get started with cakes?

That’s a funny story actually! I was in London trying to make it big in the musical theatre world but I had to pay rent so I “stretched” the truth on my CV and said I’d worked in kitchens and could bake! I bluffed my way through the interview and got the job! That first job sparked something in me and I’ve never looked back! 

You always have such unique and colorful designs! Where do you get your inspiration from?

Life! Art, clothes, nature… If you take the time to look around the world’s full of inspiration, the tricky part is channeling that into the cake form. To me, that’s the fun part! 

Is making cakes a business or just for fun?

Do what you love and never work a day in your life! 

Do you have a favorite process of cake decorating?

Music, music and music! If I don’t have my favourite tunes playing then I can’t create a thing! 

What are your preferred cake decorating tools? 

I’m a simple girl. All I need is a pallet knife and I’m good! 

What are your go to sources to learn new cake techniques? 

The cake community on Instagram is a great tool of inspiration for me. If I find something that interest me then I tend to deep dive and research my desired technique on YouTube or Google! 

Do you sketch your designs or do you design the cake on a whim?

I can go either way! Sometimes I’ll wake in the middle of the night and be hit with an idea, others times I have to chill out play some music and just have fun! 

Can you share some tips for someone who wants to get started with making cakes?

Don’t compare yourself to others and have fun! This market is full of talented people, it’s you as an individual that will set you apart from the pack! If you are copying other people’s ideas then you’ll never have ideas of your own! Have courage and trust your own creative mind.

Do you have a cake flavor that you can’t live without? 

Omg, too many! I’d say red velvet with cookies and cream filling or peanut butter!

Besides making cakes, what makes you happy? 

I love to travel and experience new ways of life. I love to eat good food, read good books, wear clothes that make me feel confident and happy. Finally being surrounded by people who love me for me.

My Favorite Cakes

Colorful Sugar Watermelon

Colorful Sugar Watermelon

Like any artist, I get so excited when I discover a new medium. Past few weeks, I’ve had not one but two mediums, sugar sheet creations and spaghetti discovered by other amazing cake artists which are used on this cake.

Rainbow Rice Paper Cake

Rainbow Rice Paper Cake

This is a very special cake is my Rainbow Rice Paper demo cake for the @internationalcakeshowaustralia. It is mind blowing to think only last year I was entering my first competition at the show and now this year I’m teaching my own demo!

Abstract Christmas Cake

Abstract Christmas Cake

This was my interpretation for a 20 Days of Christmas.

80’s Inspired Mario Cake

80's Inspired Mario Cake

This was inspired by Mario but I wanted to give it a colourful 80’s vibe! 

Rainbow Paw Patrol Cake

Rainbow Paw Patrol Cake

I was inspired by rainbows and Paw patrol so I created this beauty!

Funky Cake

Textured Cake

Ever have those design ideas where if you don’t do it, you’ll never get it out of your head?? Well this is one of those times… Nothing but 100% buttercream on this baby, she’s a working progress but I love her.

Groovy Saturn Cake

Groovy Saturn Cake

I started a weekly This or That cake series voted by my followers in my stories! With their votes, we came up with the combo of comic, tall, fluffy and a fabulous fabric design!

Fluffy Marshmallow Cake

Fluffy Marshmallow Cake

Marshmallows are a great addition to the cake!

Eclectic Cake

Eclectic Cake

Eclectic is a mix match of textures, colours and ideas (basically how I dress). I clashed a set of different colours with coloured rice paper, sugar work as well as chocolate decorations and I’m loving the end result! Wish I had an outfit like it!

To sum up, thank you so much, Kendra, for inspiring us with your amazing cakes!

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