Replica Surfaces Review: Take Beautiful Cake Photos With Replica Surfaces

I received Replica Surfaces Studio and a few Surfaces for this review blog post, and I am an affiliate. This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience.  Click here to read my full disclosure policy.

Replica Surfaces Review: Take Beautiful Cake Photos With Replica Surfaces

Struggling with a flimsy photography backdrop? I’ve got you covered, friend, with a Replica Surfaces Review on how to take beautiful cake photos with Replica Surfaces, which are uniquely designed photography boards. I’ve been a customer since 2021, ever since I fell in love with their gorgeous surfaces! To this date, I’ve amassed a ridiculous collection of uniquely designed surfaces. Read on this Replica Surfaces review on how I take photos of my cakes and desserts with my Replica Surfaces and film my content with Replica Studio, which is an in home studio system. 

Replica Surfaces Review

What are Replica Surfaces?

Replica Surfaces are rigid Surfaces for product photography that can be easily cleaned. They are 23 x 23 inches square, the perfect size for in-home or studio photography to take product photos, and they are easily stored and transported. Replica Surfaces often release limited edition surfaces (that don’t come back again once they’re sold out!). Subscribing to their email list will help you snag a gorgeous Surface for Halloween or the holidays! They also have a VIP group, Replica Facebook VIP community, and the members get notified about the new limited releases first! They are a fantastic alternative to foam boards, rolled up photography backgrounds, etc. I’ve tried them all!

What is Replica Surfaces Studio?

Replica Studio is an in-home mobile photoshoot stand. It has easy-locking wheels, can be adjusted to the preferred height (eye level or flat lays), and can be swiveled around for the perfect light. It also holds two Surfaces to create a gorgeous photo or video background. What’s included in the system is one tabletop platform with four corners and handles, one tripod base, and two black “flags” for modifying light. The Replica Surfaces are not included. It is great for short-form videos as well! Once you’re done, you can roll it away to its storage place.

Best Replica Surfaces tips to use for cake photography and/or videography

  • Lift the turntable or cake stand instead of dragging it. (I’ve made this mistake with one of my Surfaces, and it has a scratch on it!)
  • Take care when using metal cake scrapers and offset spatula. Gently put them down on the surface instead of dropping them when you’re done decorating.
  • Don’t be afraid to get messy when decorating, but take care of deep buttercream colors like black, red, dark pink, and more. Clean them up ASAP with a damp paper towel or cloth towel. If the stains don’t disappear, use a gentle cleanser such as 409 Multi-Surface Cleaner, Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Multi-Surface Everyday Cleaner, or Seventh Generation Disinfecting Multi-Surface Cleaner.
  • The tip above can be applied for ganache. I’ve had no issues with cleaning them up. GENTLY wipe them off with a damp paper towel and clean them with one of the cleaners above.
  • Do not use any coarse sponges.
  • Don’t forget to lock the wheels on Replica Studio. I made the mistake of not locking it, and the studio would move when I was smoothing a cake!

For more information on properly caring for your surfaces, click here.

How To Take Photos with Replica Surfaces

Here is how I used the surfaces on a table. I had the table against my wall (mirrored) for support next to a window for the natural light. Scroll down for my cake & dessert photography with different Surfaces!

  1. Push the table against the wall with the natural light on the right side (or left).
  2. Place one of the surfaces on the table.
  3. Place another surface against the wall.
  4. I used a stand with a clip for a reflector to place the bounce light on the side of the table. (See the setup on my IG reel.) (Replica Stands can also be used with two surfaces if you don’t have a wall or support.)
  5. Set up the area with props as desired.
  6. Carefully place one of your cake stands on the surfaces and place the cake.
  7. Photograph away! (Here’s a link to wonderful photography resources on their website.)
  8. The same thing can be done for desserts (just be careful with stains, etc.). I use baking sheet racks to avoid contaminants, or the desserts are wet or fragile.

How To Take Videos with Replica Studio

I usually take videos with my table, so I was excited to use the new Studio for my videos! Once the studio had been assembled by my husband (I am terrible with things like this! There is a video included with your purchase), I replaced the table with the Studio to start taking videos of my cakes and desserts. Please see the video below to see how I put the surfaces together for the dessert video. If you prefer text step by step, you got it.

  1. Roll out the Replica Studio next to natural light (a window or glass door).
  2. Place your desired surface on top of the studio.
  3. Use a reflector or a White Surface for the bounce light.
  4. Place the surface that you want for the background.
  5. Use Replica Stands to clip two surfaces together (creates a seamless corner).
  6. Place your camera and tripod.
  7. Make any adjustments before you start shooting.
  8. Lock the wheels. (Not shown in the video)
  9. Begin shooting! (The beauty of the studio is that you can adjust it as you like. Just remember to lock the wheels before shooting to avoid the studio moving while shooting.)
  10. Once you’re done shooting, you can take pictures without any extra set up!

How I use Replica Surfaces For My Cake & Desserts Photography

Unicorn Cupcake by Find Your Cake Inspiration
Unicorn Cupcake with Cotton Candy Surface

Check out this unicorn cupcake tutorial!

Hot Pink Drip Cake by Find Your Cake Inspiration
Pink Drip Cake with Candy Clouds and Cotton Candy
Bloody Murder Cake by Find Your Cake Inspiration
Bloody Murder Cake with Fog Surface & Pumpkin Surface
Mummy Mini Cake by Find Your Cake Inspiration
Mummy Mini Cake with Fog Surface
Reindeer Cupcakes by Find Your Cake Inspiration
Reindeer Cupcakes with White Brick Surface

Click here for this fun reindeer cupcake tutorial!

Here are a few more that were limited releases!

Christmas Wreath Tree Cake by Find Your Cake Inspiration
Holiday Lights and White Marble
Sage & White Wedding Cake by Find Your Cake Inspiration
French Lavender

Lastly, I love my Replica surfaces and studio because my work and content stands out on my social media. I’ve noticed that I use less props as I used to because the backgrounds are enough to make my cake & desserts to have contrast! Consider your budget, specific needs, and the type of content (such as food photography) you want to create when selecting a Replica Surface. Plus, it’s also great for content creators who don’t want to film themselves the most of the times on the videos (like myself! I am more than happy being behind the scenes.) Ultimately, Replica Surfaces is a great investment for your business, which will pay off in the long run, helping you to build up a profitable business and a loyal following and create products and content that stand out from the crowd. I hope you enjoyed this Replica Surfaces Review and share it with your friends!

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