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Colorful Brushstroke Buttercream Cake, Semi-Naked Wedding Cakes, and More

Suga Mama's Bakery Cake Submission

Suga Mama’s Bakery Cake Submission

Alexis Armenteros from St. Thomas, VI USA (I’d LOVE to go there someday!) has sent us some pictures of her beautiful cakes. Read on to admire the cakes!

Colorful Brushstroke Buttercream Cake

Isn’t this brushstroke buttercream cake something else? I love all of the colors and sprinkles inside of the cake! In the first picture, they filled the cake stand with sprinkles. So creative! In the next pictures, the cake is sitting on a Poppies for Grace (the party supplies looks so lively and colorful!) clear cake stand.

Ice Cream Cone Drip Cake

What a fun ice cream cone drip cake!

Red & White Ombre Textured Buttercream Cake

I think every cake needs some sprinkles to liven up the cake. In the pics on this post, Fancy Sprinkles are used.

Pink Love Buttercream Cake

Beautiful color combos, textures and sprinkles.

Semi-Naked Wedding Cake with Edible Gold

Beautiful set up of the gold and flowers.

Tropical Island Semi-Naked Wedding Cake

I love this semi-naked cake with tropical flowers.

Semi-Naked Wedding Cake

Here is another semi-naked cake with different arrangements of flowers.

Floral Semi-Naked Wedding Cake

Semi-Naked wedding cakes are the rage right now.

Ruffles, Pearls, and Flowers Cake

I loved this cake when I saw it on their Instagram! Simply STUNNING.

Beach Wedding Cake

Isomalt is used for the silver fans on the cake and the ribbed texture looks great on this wedding cake.

Colorful Drip Cake with Sprinkles

This just screams FUN!

Simple Beach Wedding Cake

A simple beach wedding cake with some sanding sugar and piped pearls. This cake gave me some flashbacks of my destination wedding in Mexico 8 years ago. We had a similar cake, so I will have to look around for the pics and show you later!

Wow, I loved looking at the cakes which were wonderful to look at. Many thanks to Suga Mama’s Bakery for sending us the pictures! Check her Instagram and website to follow her for more cake inspiration.

Which cake was your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

I would LOVE to feature YOU and your work! Please go to the cake submission page to submit your cakes and I will feature your cakes. Don’t be shy!

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