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The 10 Best Bluprint Cake Decorating Classes

10 Best Bluprint Cake Decorating Classes | Find Your Cake Inspiration

UPDATE: Bluprint is now offering a FREE Creativity Care Package! Starting March 26 at noon EST to April 9th, Bluprint will provide free access to their full slate of content; including more than 1300 classes and series and hundreds of step by step project tutorials and patterns making this the perfect time to learn a new craft or hobby. You will need to create an account in order to sign up. If you’re interested, click here. This is an amazing deal!

I am happy to do a round up on Bluprint cake decorating classes in the spirit of the National Craft Month for this month! Nearly 6 years ago, I got into the cake decorating world to learn how to make a first Sesame Street birthday cake for my oldest son. I was subscribed to a few of cake decorating blogs that I read often and I came across Craftsy (now Bluprint) after seeing an email about it. I decided to purchase a couple of classes to see if I liked the new course platform. Read on to see why I highly recommend Bluprint for your cake decorating journey! Disclaimer: I am a Bluprint affiliate but I always work with companies that I believe in and wouldn’t recommend any products/services that I don’t personally use.

What is Bluprint?

Bluprint Cake Decorating Classes
Bluprint Cake Decorating Classes

It is an online streaming platform dedicated to the creative niches by offering 1,300+ experts led courses on such as cake decorating, quilting, sewing, cooking, woodworking, painting, jewelry making, and a few more. They all have beginner, intermediate, and expert levels, so you can select classes on your level to start with.

Bluprint Cake Decorating Classes
More Cake Decorating class options

How much does a Bluprint subscription cost?

I encourage you to do a 14 day free trial just to check it out. After the trial period ends, please see below for the plan options. It is $39.99 (at this time of writing) after the trial period ends for the first year only. I think the price is pretty a good deal for the first year with unlimited classes, extra 15% off on supplies, and free shipping. There is also a monthly option if you want to go that route. You can always cancel if you are unsatisfied with Bluprint.

Bluprint Plans

Is Bluprint worth it?

Bluprint Cake Decorating

Bluprint is much more than just classes. There are carefully crafted recipes, curated material list and expert instructor-led Question & Answer session included in the course. (Screenshots below) I can’t guarantee that the instructor answers every question in the course, There are also reviews by customers on the courses that may be helpful with your decision. You can consider Bluprint as a supplement to your continuing education or to keep you busy during a downtime. I watch courses when I’m watching dishes or doing some cake decorating work while sitting down. There are over 1,000 classes in every category you can think of in the creative maker field. I must note that some of classes are 5-10 years old but techniques and teaching are always great. There are new classes being released every year. You are not limited just to the cake decorating classes! With a Bluprint subscription, you can take courses on baking, photography, and options are endless. I 100% believe that my Bluprint subscription is worth the cost.

Screenshot of Materials in Over Top Cupcakes course
Screenshot of Materials in Over Top Cupcakes course
Screenshot of Materials in Over Top Cupcakes course
Screenshot of Materials in Over Top Cupcakes course

Bluprint Classes I’ve Taken

Below are 10 Bluprint classes that I’ve taken and enjoyed. You can click on the link to view the overview and play the preview to see if you’d be interested.

Beginner Cake Decorating

The Wilton Method Baking Basics

The Wilton Method Baking Basics by Beth Somers

This was the very first class I took. It has some great tips for baking cakes.

The Wilton Method Buttercream Skills

The Wilton Method Buttercream Skills by Beth Somers

This courses lays out the basic buttercream skills needed for a beginner cake decorator.


Better Buttercream

Better Buttercream by Erica O’Brien

I really enjoyed taking this class. The instructor teaches so well and very thorough. The course covers three buttercream styles (Italian, Swiss, and French). It will be great if you want to expand your buttercream skills.

Better Buttercream Stunning Techniques

Better Buttercream Stunning Techniques by Erica O’Brien

I was surprised to see that a craft twing can be used for cake decorating purposes!


Clean & Simple Cake Design

Clean Simple Cake Design by Jessica Harris

I definitely recommend this course if you want to learn clean techniques for fondant work such as the wax transfer method.

Simple Modern Cake Design

Simply Modern Cake Design by Jessica Harris

This course covers modern fondant techniques such as honeycomb, metallics, and more. The course also comes with four contemporary templates exclusive to Bluprint members.

Cupcake Decorating

The Perfect Cupcake

The Perfect Cupcake by Jennifer Shea

I always love Jennifer Shea’s classes. She teaches the material very well and is pleasant to watch. Her cupcakes just look amazing to look at!

Over The Top Cupcakes

Over The Top Cupcakes by Jennifer Shea

This course is definitely one of my favorites! It has so many fun techniques for expanding your cupcake skills. The recipes included covers cupcakes, frosting, macarons, bark, and more.

Photography Basics & Editing

Beautiful Cake Photography

Building Your Business: Beautiful Cake Photography

If you want to improve your cake photography, this is the course to watch.

Intro to Adobe Lightroom

Intro to Adobe Lightroom

This course covers the basic editing in Adobe Lightroom (my photo editing software choice). It’s honestly the best photo editing software out there! I pay $10 a month to use Adobe Lightroom/ Photoshop through Creative Cloud.

Current Classes on My Watch List

Photo Styling

Creative Flavors For Cakes Fillings Frostings

Cake Logistics From Start to Finish

How to Grow Your Business

Industry Secrets For The Savvy Decorator

I hope you give Bluprint online classes a try and see if you will add Bluprint to your list of cake decorating go-to resources! Please let me know if you have any questions about the streaming service in the comments. Happy watching!

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