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Valentine’s Heart Bark Lollipops

Hi everyone! Happy Monday! I created these Valentine’s Heart Bark lollipops a few years ago. They were a hit with my kids. They are so easy to make with children! You can be creative with colors, sprinkles, and anything you can add to the valentine’s heart bark lollipops!

Valentine’s Bark Lollipops Tutorial

Valentine's Heart Bark Lollipop

Before we begin, have everything such as chocolates and sprinkles ready in small bowls, so you can easily grab them. The chocolate will harden quickly and you want the sprinkles to stick to chocolate before the chocolate hardens.

Where to find Chocolate Wafer Melts

Now it is easy to find chocolate wafer melts. My personal favorite is Ghiardelli but they only have white and dark chocolate wafers. I use them as a base and purchase colored chocolate wafers such as Sweet Tooth Fairy or Sweet Shop Baking for secondary colors. They can be found at Michaels, Joanns, and Walmart. I also like Fancy Sprinkles Easy Candy but you need to order online (Code: 15CAKEINSPO) or from Amazon. Coloring chocolate is another great method but you will need to purchase oil based coloring. You can not use the regular gel coloring because they will seize chocolate. Chefmaster is a great brand for oil based chocolate coloring but they have a limited selection. Colour Mill has more variety but they will thin out your chocolate if you use too much. Use with caution. The Sugar Art carries a coloring for chocolates called Choc Elites. Using pre-made colored chocolates is much easier if you don’t plan to use the oil based coloring again for a while.

Valentine’s Bark Lollipops Supplies


  1. Dump the chocolate wafers (main color only- white) in a microwave safe bowl. Melt for 30 seconds. Stir after 30 seconds and heat again. If not melted, melt for 15 seconds. Stop once it is all melted with no bits of chocolate.
  2. Use approx. 2-3 oz of secondary colors (pink and red) in their own bowls and melt in the microwave using the same process above.
  3. Pour white wafers on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper and spread it around with a spatula. Shake the cookie sheet a little bit to get the chocolate to even out. Make sure to not thin the chocolate layer because you want the bark to be sturdy and not easily cracked.
Spread of Chocolate
  1. Put small amounts of red and pink in spots all over the white chocolate (see picture below).
Chocolate with chocolates
  1. Using a cookie scribe or toothpick, drag it in swirls in both directions (clockwise and counterwise).
Swirly Chocolate
  1. Continue making swirls until you are satisfied with the swirls.
Swirly Chocolates
Chocolate with Scribe
  1. Press down the heart cookie cutters all way down.
Chocolate with Heart Cookie Cutters
  1. Quickly put sprinkles in each cookie cutter. (Troubleshooting: If the chocolate firmed up before you put the sprinkles, remove the cookie cutter and put the parchment paper in the microwave and heat for a few seconds) You can leave one of the bark plain with no sprinkles if desired.
Chocolate with Cookie Cutters with Sprinkles
Heart Cookie Cutter and Sprinkles
  1. Allow the chocolate to harden for 5 – 10 minutes. Put the cookie sheet in the fridge to speed up the process.
  2. Gently snap off the edges of the chocolate. Use a sharp knife or an Exacto knife to cut the chocolate along the cookie cutter if needed. By pressing down the cookie cutter usually does the trick.
Heart Chocolate Cookie Cutters
Heart Chocolate Bark
  1. Use leftover pink (melt again if needed) and put in a ziplock bag or a tipless piping bag. Snip off a small end part of the ziplock bag or tipless piping bag. Squeeze over the bark. Add sprinkles.
Decorating Heart Bark
Heart Bark with Sprinkles
  1. Use any leftover chocolate to dab back of the bark for the lollipop to adhere. Allow 5-10 minutes for it to harden.
Back of the heart bark
  1. Enjoy!! You can use the rest of bark as treats. I wouldn’t recommend microwaving and mixing because the colors can be muddled together. You can heat them up for a few seconds if you want to add more sprinkles to them.
Valentine's Heart Bark Lollipops
Pretty Heart Bark Lollipop
Pink Heart Bark Lollipop
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