Winter Wonderland Wedding Cakes

Tis’ the season for winter wonderland cakes for the weddings! I’ve put together some beautiful wintery cakes for you. Let’s read on.

Glitter & Ruffles Winter Wonderland Cake

This is a GORGEOUS cake outfitted with silver sequins, ruffles and flowers. Great inspiration for a winter wedding. Check out more of Jenna Rae Cakes on her website.


Jenna Rae Cakes’ sequin tutorial
Rose Bakes’ ruffles tutorial

Winter Wedding Bliss

This is so pretty and the details are so intricate. I could not find the original source for this image. Please leave a comment if you know who made this cake!


How to Make Sugar Snowflakes Using Royal Icing
Royal Scroll Piping Tutorial

Feather Boa Winter Wonderland Wedding Cake

Simply gorgeous! I LOVE the feather boa cake stand! It definitely adds a unique touch to the cake. Head over to Sweet Creations by Leyla’s Instagram to view more amazing cakes.

Navy Stencil Winter Wonderland Cake

I love the color combo of navy, silver, and white. It’s a beautiful color scheme. Stencils are a great way to make the cakes SO elegant. Check out more of Cake Motif’s work here.


How To Use Cake Stencils
Cake Stencil YouTube Tutorial

Silver, Gray & White Wedding Cake

Sooo pretty!! Love the gray flowers. Can you figure out if they are real? I think they are! The gorgeous cake is done by Piece Of Cake By Halima.


Rosie Cake Diva’s Ruffles Tutorial
Cake Blog’s DIY Sequin Tutorial

Woodsy Winter Cake

The different details of lace and textures are pretty nice! I LOVE the lace work. The rustic cake stand may be custom work, so I will keep an eye out for any tutorials on how to make this! Check out more of their cakes on their Instagram, Elegant Temptations Cakes.


How to Make Sugar Lace Cake Craft Shop’s YouTube Tutorial
Style Sweet Ca’s Easy Textured Buttercream Tutorial

Blue, Gray & White Snowflakes Cake

Love the beautiful cascading snowflakes in different hues! According to the cake decorator, the snowflakes were created using silicone molds and brushed with edible glitter. The alternating tiers are covered with sparkling sugar. More of her cakes are on her website, Rebekah Naomi Cake Design.


How to Make Snowflakes With Edible Glitter

Winter White Wedding Cake

What a beautiful and refined all white cake. Sometimes, simplicity is the best. Head over to look at more of Jelly Cake’s work.


How to Make a Sugar Rose; A McGreevy Cakes Tutorial

Winter Wonderland Cake with Peonies and Bow

This cake is done by Shawna McGreevy, who is an AMAZING cake decorator! Link to the peony tutorial is below. The glitter on the bow gives it the finishing desired touch! I LOVE ALL GLITTER! Airbrushing also has been added. Check out her website for lots of tutorials and other stuff!


How to Make A Sugar Peony; A McGreevy Cakes Tutorial
How to Make a Fondant Bow

Winter Wonderland Wedding Cake with Snowman

So CUTE! This is certainly a different winter wonderland wedding cake but still so creative! Check out more of her work, Taartjes.


Fondant Christmas Snowman Cake Topper Tutorial

Which cake or cake details did you love?

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