2017 Thanksgiving Cakes

Gobble Gobble! Let’s check out some Thanksgiving cakes that I found on the Interwebs.

Turkey Cake

turkey cake

Wow, is this even a cake? The turkey looks SO real. What an impressive work. Check out more of Sandra’s work, here.

White Pumpkins Cake

White Pumpkins Cake

Cute cake! Click on the link to check out a pumpkin tutorial to try recreate pumpkins on your own cakes! Head over to her Whites Custom Cakes Facebook page to look at more cakes.

Falling Autumn Leaves Cake

Falling Autumn Leaves Cake

This is a beautiful cake with gorgeous colors. Love the little leaves! The tutorial can be found on My Cake School’s blog, Autumn Leaves Tutorial. Check out Style Sweet CA for an ombre buttercream tutorial. More cakes are on her MadHouse Bakes Facebook page.

Turkey, Pumpkin & Thanksgiving Cakes

Thanksgiving, Pumpkin & Turkey Cakes

Check out at this adorable assortment of Thanksgiving cakes by The Pennsylvania’s Bakery! Here is a really cool tutorial on how to make a carved pumpkin cake by Ashlee Marie.

Gorgeous Buttercream Thanksgiving Cake

Gorgeous Thanksgiving Cake

Wow, look at all of the gorgeous fall colors! Makes you want to not touch it and eat! Check out a Wilton’s Beginner Buttercream Craftsy class on how to pipe buttercream. I took this course a few years ago and thought it was decent for a beginner. Follow Christine’s Cakes on Instagram to keep up with her creations.

Simple Thanksgiving Buttercream with Tiny Pumpkins Cake

I just love this cake. So simple and refined. How cute are these little fondant pumpkins?? Head over to Cakes By Bee’s Instagram to check out more of her work. You also can check out her website.

Pumpkin Bucket Cake

Pumpkin Bucket Cake

How creative is this pumpkin wood plank bucket cake by Zeina’s Cakes? Everything is pretty awesome about this cake! The wood grain cake board gives the cake the finishing touch. Check out Zoe’s Fancy Cakes’ wood grain cake board tutorial here. Find more cakes on Zeina’s Cakes’ Instagram feed and website.

Give Thanks Cake

Give Thanks Cake

This cake is one of Jacques Pastries’ beautiful work. I love the heart message on the cake and the markings. Browse through his incredibly talented cakes on his website.

Kids Thanksgiving Cake

Kids Thanksgiving Cake

What an adorable turkey cake for the kids! I just love love the tiny pumpkins. They are SO cute. Head over to check out more cakes on their website, Bearkery Bakes.

Pumpkin Spice Cake with Buttercream Flowers

Pumpkin Spice Cake

This is a lovely cake with colors and textures that blend together so well. You can find the recipe for the cake and buttercream on The Cake Blog.

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