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How To Make a Vintage Barbie Cake

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Hi friends! Barbie cakes are trending because of the highly anticipated Barbie movie coming out next week. As a little girl, I was obsessed with Barbies, so this is a time of nostalgia. I remember trying to style one of my Barbie’s long hair and ended up frying the hair. 😆 For the longest I can remember, I really wanted a Barbie doll cake for my birthday! Maybe one of these days, I will make myself one. For this two-cake layer cake, I settled on a heart cake with a vintage touch, so this step-by-step guide will help you design and how to make a vintage Barbie cake inspired by the Barbie doll, using the perfect pink frosting colors to piping tips for a Barbie fan. Click here to check out the most amazing Barbie cake ideas!

How To Make A Vintage Barbie Cake

You can always modify the edible image, color, and textures to your liking! I bought the SVG file collection on Etsy to print my edible images, but the file isn’t available anymore. Here’s a link to the other files with the same image and more. 

Would you rather opt for video tutorials instead of step-by-step instructions? We’ve got you covered with a comprehensive video tutorial that guides you through the process of creating a vintage barbie cake.

How to Make a Vintage Barbie Cake Step by Step

Materials Needed

Step by Step Instructions

Pink Vintage Barbie Cake

Step 1: Bake your favorite recipe (My favorite vanilla cake and chocolate cake) and make your favorite buttercream (I used this buttercream frosting for a not-too-sweet buttercream, and easy to decorate with.)

Step 2: Place the cake on a gold scalloped cake board, fill and crumb coat the entire cake.

Step 3: Dye the buttercream with several drops of hot pink gel coloring and let it sit for 30 minutes to an hour to let the color develop. Add more drops if you want a vibrant color.

Step 4: Fill a piping bag with the buttercream and squeeze buttercream while turning the cake. It’s my preferred method to add an even layer of buttercream instead of adding the buttercream with a large offset spatula. You can skip the piping bag part and add the buttercream directly to the cake with the offset spatula.

Step 5: Smooth the cake with the cake comb or large offset spatula.

Step 6: You will need to repeat the steps because of the heart angle, which makes it more complex than the typical rounded cake. I would not worry about the smooth buttercream at this point. Textures add character to the cake! Here’s a good idea of adding buttercream with the small offset spatula to cover bald spots and spread it instead of using the cake comb.

Step 7: Fill three piping bags with tips (4B, 1M and #21) and buttercream.

Step 8: Start with the 1M piping tip and pipe a border on the top of the cake (see the video below)

Step 9: Use the #21 piping tip (or an open star tip) next to pipe another smaller border inside of the 1M border. (See the video below)

Step 10: Use the 1M piping tip to pipe a bottom border on the bottom of the cake.

Step 11: Use the #21 piping tip to pipe a second border on the top of the 1M bottom border.

Close up Details of Barbie Cake

Step 12: Resize the image to approximately 3 inches in width, do a proportion ratio for the height, and do a test print using regular printer paper. If all is good, print on edible paper with your edible printer. Cut it up and apply it to the cake. If it is for an order, I apply it to white fondant to help it to prevent color bleeding or developing air bubbles.

Step 13: Spread sanding sugar all over the top of the cake.

Step 14: Make four swirls with a 4B piping tip, as seen in the video below.

Glitter Cherry Barbie Cake

Step 15: Roll cherries into the sanding sugar and place on the swirls.

Pink Glitter Cherry
Barbie Cake

Enjoy! I hope you enjoyed this vintage Barbie cake tutorial. It’s a fun and unique look and will be a hit with a Barbie lover for her birthday or bridal shower! It’s also perfect for a little princess birthday’s party or a Barbie theme cake. 

How to make a Vintage Barbie Cake Instruction Video

You can find more video tutorials on our Youtube Channel

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